Unnecessary Sequel Alert: Donnie Darko 2

by Joey Paur

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Oh man! Are you kidding me?! Why do people think this is a good idea? There does not need to be a part 2! I really don't want this to be true, but it is and it starts shootong on May 18th. So you wanna hear what its about?

The story picks up seven years after the first film (and Donnie's death) when little sister Samantha Darko and her best friend Corey are now 18 and on a roadtrip to Los Angeles when they are plagued by bizarre visions.

Of course! A road trip! that will give the movie the edge is needs. Oh and guess who isn't involved Richard Kelly the man behind the original Darko. He is a smart man for not wanting to have anything to do with this. Look what the producers of the movie have to say, this is great!

Simon Crowe of Velvet Octopus added: "I think there is a new generation of cinema-goers who will be very excited to see this film."

Crowe quipped to ScreenDaily: "Donnie's not in [the new film] but there are meteorites and rabbits."

Meteorites and rabbits!? Who are these People!? Did they not understand the first movie? There's no rabbits! From what it sounds like the movie is about 2 girls on a road trip that start having visions of meteorites that are filled with rabbits. And when the metorites hit, the rabbits come out and start to terrorize them. Does that sound about right?

Oh and Daviegh Chase Reprises her role as Donnies younger sister, so... you know. The source of our story comes from screendaily.com if you want to read the full story CLICK HERE.

-Dr. Venkman

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