Universal Studios Famous Back Lot Caught Fire!

by Joey Paur

This is a sad story we got here. I was shocked when I turned on the TV this morning to find that the Universal Studios Back Lot was on fire. I quickly ran outside and looking over in that direction and sure enough there was a hugh pillar of smoke rising into the sky. It looked like a bomb went off. I love Universal Studios it was my first exposer to how films were really made when I was young. I recently took one of my daughters there to experience the excitement of going behind the scenes  of the movies. Its not gone! But it has some pretty severe damage. From what I know so far The New York City Street was destroyed as was the famous Courthouse that was used in All three 'Back to the Future' movies. It was the one site my daughter recognized when I took her on the tour. The King Kong attraction is also down for the count. Here are some details from Hollywood Reporter:The blaze started on the huge back lot at about 4:45 a.m., fire officials said. At least three firefighters were injured in the blaze, whose cause was under investigation.

"We are very lucky today," Universal Studios president Ron Meyer said at a Sunday morning press conference. "It could have been worse."

Contents of the studio's video-library vault were damaged, but the vault contained only digital copies of more than 40,000 film and TV titles. No negatives or film masters were affected.

"Fortunately, nothing irreplaceable was lost," Meyer said. "We have duplicates."

Its just crazy. This isn't the first fire to erupt in the Back Lot it also happened in May 15th 1967.

-Dr. Venkman

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