So Marvel thinks they can do Iron Man 2 without Favreau!? Wait What!?

by Joey Paur

I think I feel sick. Yes its true people. My theories were correct. Marvel is losing their mind. I've had strong opinions on Marvel since they have become popular because of Iron Man. In fact before this story broke I posted an article this morning about it. On top of that, got word that Marvel thinks Iron Man 2 can be succesful without Jon Favreau!? What the hell!? Is Marvel on drugs? I can’t believe this bull crap! The question is why has Marvel not signed Jon on to direct yet? Well, here is your answer:

chairman of Marvel Studios David Maisel who has been in charge of negotiating new terms with Favreau is being cheap and not willing to pay a fair directors’ fee.

IESB also says:

So according to our source at Marvel, Jon was expecting a moderate bump in his fee for the sequel but apparently Marvel has other plans.

Our source continues that Maisel believes Iron Man 2 will be a success regardless of Favreau’s involvement and feels the studio does not need to pay Jon a higher fee for his services.

I can’t believe this. I really didn’t think Marvel would stoop this low. I was wrong. Marvel has lost it's edge. This is the biggest mistake of Marvels existence. Iron Man 2 will utterly fail if it plays out like this. All I can say is wow. Marvel has turned into their own worst enemy. Who is this guy David Maisel and why does he have this position? It can’t be because hes smart. I understand studios go through negotiations, but Favreau deserves what he is asking for. He put Marvel Films on the map and this is how they thank him?

So Jon is not signed on to direct it, and it seems like they don’t want him back. The guy pulled Marvel into a success and now they are going to do this to him.

Of course this could all be just a big rumor and PR romp to get people like us all up in arms and bent out of shape. Its working.

-Dr. Venkman

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