Spielberg wants to takes Dreamworks out from under Paramounts Wing!

by Joey Paur

Dreamworks dreams of being with another studio. From the moment Paramount Pictures acquired Dreamworks I knew it wouldn't last for long. It seemed Spielberg was never really 100% into the deal that was made, and in a way I think he regretted it. I think his heart was always at Universal and he wants to find his way back there. Dreamworks is an amazing studio that puts out amazing films. If it wasn't for Dreamworks creativity and imagination Paramount would really have nothing to go on. Paramount puts little to no risk in the movies they do which is why most of them are bad. They let the other studios take the risk and if they like what they see they will slap their name and logo at the beginning of the film stake their claim, and take all the credit for its brilliance like they did with Iron Man. Hollywood Reporter reports:

Steven Spielberg aims to raise more than $1 billion in third-party financing to reinvent DreamWorks as a separate company that once again owns the movies it makes.

As for distribution, Spielberg wants to bolt his roost at Paramount for Universal, which wants to land Spielberg and DreamWorks after losing out to Paramount in that quest a couple years ago. But on recommendation from his advisers, Spielberg has allowed a bidding war to begin among studios for the rights to distribute future DreamWorks movies.

The chief suitors other than Paramount: Universal, Disney and Fox.

Warner Bros. has sat out the competition so far despite previous expectations that the studio would seek a relationship with DreamWorks if Spielberg and company were to leave Paramount. Industry betting runs heavily against Spielberg's staying put at Paramount, with the related question of where he and the DreamWorks film label land considered a simple matter of who will offer sufficiently attractive terms to attract Spielberg, chief Stacey Snider and their brand.

"Stacey is the next generation, and Steven is very committed to her," said one participant in DreamWorks strategy meetings.

I honestly think they will end up back at Universal. But lets see who comes up with the best deal for them. Speilberg wants to own his movies, who wouldn't! I really hope everything works out for them. Spielberg has a contract with Paramount through 2010, but he, Snider, and Geffen have escape clausesin their deals that will allow them to escape by the end of the year. I really am happy they are working on getting out from under Paramounts wing. Paramount has been riding on the success of others for to long. Maybe this will force Paramount to get creative again and start making good movies of their own.

To read the full article and get more details about what is going on CLICK HERE.

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