Judd Apatow’s ‘Funny People’ get a great cast!

by Joey Paur


Judd Apatow is Hollywoods’s comedy IT man. Everyone has got to have a Judd Apatow, the guy knows comedy. The next movie he is directing is called ‘Funny People’ and I gotta say he is pulling together a pretty amazing cast. Eric Bana, Jason Schartzman, and Jonah Hill are set to star in the film! If you don’t already know what this movie is about neither do I. All I do know is that Apatow says it takes place in the world of standup comedy and focuses on a comedian who has a near-death experience. This could be a incredibly funny movie, in fact I’ll put money on it. Here is some info from Variety:

Pic's a co-production of Apatow Prods. and Happy Madison, and Apatow is producing with Clayton Townsend and Barry Mendel. Jack Giarraputo, Rogen and Evan Goldberg are exec producers. Production begins in mid-September in Los Angeles.

Bana began his career as a comic on the standup circuit in Australia and starred in the sketch comedy series "Full Frontal" and "The Eric Bana Show" before remaking himself as a dramatic actor. Bana most recently shot "Star Trek" and "The Time Traveler's Wife."

I can’t wait to see Eric Bana in this movie. It will be great to see him do something different than what we are use to seeing him doing, and hes going back to his roots so that’s awesome! Jason Schwartzman is great in everything he's done, and I'm stoked to see him in this movie.

The movie is also being co-financed by Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures and will be coming out next summer.