Dr. Venkman Reviews: 'The Incredible Hulk'!!

by Joey Paur



I have been looking forward to seeing ‘The Incredible Hulk’ since I first heard it was getting made. I remember seeing the concept art for the Hulk reveled at Comic Con last year. I remember the first time I saw the trailer. Each time I saw something on it I got more and more excited to see it! I felt that in the last month they showed way to much of the movie before it came out. But it didn't ruin the movie for me. Then there were the rumors of Captain America being in the film and then all of a sudden not being in the film, which upset me, and many others. But I was still hell bent on watching this movie. So I went and saw it, and it was one hell of a ride!


‘The Incredible Hulk’ will instantly grab you and not let go… ever. It has the Hulk grip of awesomeness! Once the movie starts you really don’t have to wait very long before the Hulk shows up and starts kicking ass! There is allot of adrenalin in this movie and you feel it as you are sitting in your seat watching the film. Your heart rate will rise, and I am sure if you had one of those heart monitors Bruce Banner has, it would get to the point where if you were the Hulk you would get so excited and turn into him.



You got most of the plot in the many previews, TV Spots and film clips that have come out but here is a quick run down. The Movie follows Bruce Banner as he is searching for a cure for his Hulkness. In the process he is being hunt down by the U.S. Government, because they feel his body is now government property since he was hit with the gamma ray and forever changed. General Thaddeus Ross enlists the help of a soldier named Emil Blonsky to help him capture the Hulk, and to help in his efforts General Thaddeus has Blonsky injected with a super soldier serum to make him stronger and faster, so he can stand up to the hulk. This turns out to be a bad decision. Blonsky ends up becoming Abomination and starts tearing the city apart and there is only one thing that can stop him… Hulk.


 The special effects in this movie are bloody fantastic! The Hulk design is great and everything blends together so well. You see every little muscle on the Hulk and when he moving, walking, and getting himself up off the ground you see the different individual muscles flex. Its is very cool to see all the little details they put into the character, the same goes for Abomination. I was really impressed.



The action and fight scenes in ‘The Incredible Hulk’ were Incredible! (No pun intended) Obviously the best fight scene is the final Battle between Hulk and Abomination, they just set those two monsters out on the streets and let them battle it out hardcore. The last fight lasted almost 30 minutes! It was so cool! Hulk didn’t talk much but when he did the crowd cheered, Abomination on the other hand talked to much during the fight scenes.


The acting in the movie was great the movie stars Edward Norton as Bruce Banner who was great! Liv Tyler played the love interest Betty Ross and she did a great job. Tim Roth was Emil Blonsky and he played the crazed power hungry soldier very well. Then William Hurt played General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, and he was amazing! You really can’t go wrong with this cast. Also if you didn’t know, Lou Ferrigno does the voice of Hulk. Louis Leterrier did a superb job directing this movie, he sure did have a pretty awesome vision of what the Hulk could be, and brought that to the fans.


I didn’t think Stan Lees Cameo was better than his cameo in Iron Man. Speaking of which you really cannot compare Iron Man with The Incredible Hulk. I’m sure many people will, but they are each their own individual movie and have their own different story to tell. That being said if you were to ask me which one was better I would tell you neither because they are equally as amazing.


Marvel has hit another movie out of the park! I am sure there is a energy pulsating at Marvel right now and everyone is on a high. I really just hope they pull through and make sure these next super hero films they end up doing are done right, and with the right people.


The Incredible Hulk was fan-freakin-tastic! You are going to love this movie! It is going to blow you away! It will leave you wanting more! In fact you may want to see it more than once. I know I will. 


Oh! As for the Tony Stark Cameo, the last line of the movie had the theater cheering so loud my ears throbbed. It was the loudest I have ever heard a movie theater audience cheer. It was pretty cool.


Whatever movie you decide to go see, remember to always enjoy your time at the Movies!


- Dr. Venkman


As for the Captain American Cameo there are hints about him all throughout the movie. You wont miss the fact that he’s not there because the movie is great, it would have just been fun to see that’s all.








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