Wachowski's 'Ninja Assassin' Story Details Part 1!

by Joey Paur

Ninja Assassin

I love the martial arts. I love movies about them, especially period films that deal with martial arts! I don't know what geek out there does not like ninjas, if you don't you need to jump on the Ninja band wagon of greatness now! when I heard The Wachowski's were making a film called 'Ninja Assassin' I got all geekified. Ok so this is going to have some spoilers in so if you don't want to know anything about the movie I suggest you don't read any further. This is the opening scene of the movie, and this description of i floored me! If this description does not get your blood boiling and make you want to see this movie, I don't know what will! Check it! A big thanks and shout out to IESB for being Ninja fans!

The film starts off with an old Japanese man, a tattoo artist, drawing on flesh - it's a classic image of Miyamoto Musashi as he thrusts his spear into a dragon.

We are introduced to a foul mouthed Yakuza boss by the name of Hollywood. He's getting his first tattoo on his back. It's actually only a small tattoo in size but he's described as a whiney bitch and complains about the pain.

The tattoo parlor is apparently a regular hangout for hot babes and the Yakuza.

After Hollywood complains to the old Japanese man about his discomfort, he is told in an proverb that maybe he has chosen the wrong path and he shouldn't have gotten the tattoo.

Hollywood feels disrespected and consequently pulls out a gun and threatens to kill the old man.

The old man is as wise as he is old and is used to working with morons like Hollywood. He tells him he meant no disrespect and he is allowed to continue working on the young Yakuza boss.

One of Hollywood's goons, referred to as "Yakuza One," arrives with a letter for his boss.

When the origami envelope is opened it contains black sand.

When the old man sees the black sand he nervously falls to floor in terror.

He quickly tells Hollywood and the gang that he has seen this before. Hollywood demands more information. The old man explains that the same thing happened years ago and something will be coming for Hollywood that will not stop until he is dead.

Hollywood continues to ask him exactly what is coming for him. Finally the old man pulls off his robe shows a tattoo that covers scar tissue over his heart. It's a tattoo of a Shinobi demon piercing his flesh.

He explains that many years ago "it came from the shadows" and killed everyone in sight. He was stabbed and should rightfully be dead but because of a birth defect his heart is to the right of his chest and he was able to escape with his life.

Hollywood ask what "it" was that stabbed him. The old man says that he can't mention the name. The Yakuza goon realizes he's referring to a Ninja.

Hollywood and his goons start mocking the old man and laughing at him. It's clear they don't believe in the Ninja.

While the goons are laughing, things quickly go bat shit crazy.

Yakuza One's head gets slashed off from his jaw up leaving his tongue wagging in the air. The lights throughout the room are shattered.

One by one, all of the Yakuza foot soldiers and guests are killed.

Hollywood is terrified. He's confronted by the assassin and pleads for his life - offers anything he wants. It's obvious his fate is certain. In a last ditch attempt to save his life, Hollywood reaches for his guns but is quickly sliced to bits.

The only one left alive is the old man who finally sees the Ninja face to face. He closes his eyes expecting a death that doesn't come. He reopens his eyes and sees he is alone. The Ninja is gone as quickly as it arrived without a trace.

Pretty freakin cool huh!? The only thing I am not sold on yet is Rain starring in the movie. But I can over look it if the movie is amazing. There will be more to come so stay tuned.

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