Anthony Michael Hall talks about 'The Dark Knight' and Riddler!

by Joey Paur

Most of us geeks know that Anthony Michael Hall was cast in the Christopher Nolans 'The Dark Knight'. Yes he is in it it! But who is his character? Rumors are going all over the place that his character in the dark knight will eventually become The Riddler! Yes, I really like the idea myself! I would love him to take on a part like that! Hall recently had a interview with and he talks about his part in the film and the rumors surrounding him. Check it out!

THE DEADBOLT: So how did you land the role in The Dark Knight?

HALL: I read for Chris Nolan. It's interesting about my career, I've had different situations and I've been very fortunate. I'm not complaining, but I had to audition for probably 95% of the stuff I've done, because I think that I was always in transition - "What does he look like? Is he a kid?" So, thirty years later I have a body of work and it's still good to work at it, whatever you do.

THE DEADBOLT: What can fans expect from your character? He's a reporter, right?

HALL: Yeah, it's a great role and I can't wait to see the film. I don't know, I can't just say anything, because I haven't seen the movie.

THE DEADBOLT: So, do you drive a Lamborghini in the film? Is that stuff true?

HALL: You know why those rumors started spreading? Because I was on location standing in the middle of the street. This is really funny: I was wearing a grey suit and Christian [Bale] in the movie drives a Lamborghini. And I guess I looked good in the suit because people that were playing extras in the movie began selling stories online saying, "Hey, he's driving a Lamborghini!" Then people started to think I was playing The Riddler. All of this for standing in the street. That sounds great, I've got to stand in the street more. So it was kind of a funny thing how it all happened. My mother called me and said, "Oh yeah, they said you're playing The Riddler and there's a picture online of you standing next to a Lamborghini." I was really just standing around doing nothing in between takes admiring the car. But the next thing you know, people are saying I'm playing The Riddler. [laughs] The truth is, I'll play any of those parts. I'd love to play Batman, to be honest with you. But I have a great respect for Christian and Heath [Ledger] and they were real gentlemen with me. I had the most fun with {Gary] Oldman though, he was great.

THE DEADBOLT: What type of impact did Heath have on you during the production? How was he to work with?

HALL: He was a co-worker, you know. I'm like ten years older than the guy, so I gave him his space and room. I was watching him and how he handled himself, and he was really smart. He's a good guy. He was together and he was kicking-ass in that performance.

THE DEADBOLT: Are you signed on for another movie?

HALL: I wish. I hope so. I don't know yet. God willing.

I certainly hope is cast as The Riddler too! Who knows what Nolan has in store for us in the third Batman movie. Sounds like he had a blast. I really think Hall is a great actor, now that his show 'The Dead Zone' is finished I hope to see him in the movies more, playing awesome characters.

-Dr. Venkman

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