Mazer Reviews: The Love Guru

by Free Reyes

My first impressions of this movie were based on the trailer. Mike Myers with an Indian accent, Jessica Alba as "Jessica Alba," Verne Troyer in his first notable speaking role, and Justin Timberlake as a French-Canadian.

I went into the movie with moderate expectations its a Myers movie after all. But I hate to say I feel as if Myers has lost some of his luster and appeal, I blame Shrek and The Cat in the Hat.

Myers as Guru Pitak feels like a character not fully realized. But his jabs at how "Guru's" use language is spot on. The other characters feel like filler. Justin Timberlake is interesting only for the fact that it seems like a Saturday Night Live skit character and Timberlake is the host.

The story line seems to work on rails you know exactly were it's going and there are no surprises, and things are played extremely safe or expected. The jokes come one at a time and lack the speed and layering of previous Myers flicks. The funniest part for me is the spoofing of Bollywood and flash backs to his guru training which the film really could have used more of. Which gets to my main gripe of the movie I think the hockey setting does not work. It should really be a fish out of water experience akin to Austin Powers but The Guru Pitka just blends in. Stephen Colbert and Jim Gaffigan throw in a few funny scenes as Hockey Announcers, while they do not feel completely tacked on if they were cut from the film you would not miss anything.

All said the movie met my expectations. The Love Guru has it's moments but it's a worthy rental. I'm hoping that Mikes next film breaks the tired formula and goes for something fresh, then again I really wouldn't mind a Wayne's World 3.

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