New Info on the movie 'Game' starring Gerard Butler

by Billy Fisher

McMurphy back with some cool stuff that I found while surfing.  A lot of you might have heard of Gerard Butler's new project called "Game", if you have heard of this then keep reading because I have some new stuff for you.

For those of you that have not heard, "Game" is a Thriller that stars Gerard Butler, John Leguiazamo, and Milo Ventlimiglia.  It is being brought to us by the one two punch of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.  The same guys who brought us "Crank".  Here is the synopsis that I found on IMDB(Warning, this might be considered a spoiler):

Game is a near-future action/thriller starring Gerard Butler (Kable) as the champion of an on-line game called "Slayers". Mind-control technology has taken society by storm and "Slayers" allows humans control other humans in mass-scale, multiplayer online game. With his every move tracked by millions, Kable's ultimate challenge becomes regaining his identity and launching an attack on the system that has imprisoned him.

I am down to see this.  It sounds like "Tron" on steroids.  I have always thought that video games would head down this route.  It seems like that is just the next step to making video games more real.  That is what we are all looking for right?  Well I can't wait for this to happen. 

For those of you who are looking for a little bit more, here you go!  I found a picture that was released in the latest issue of "Empire", the leading film magazine in England.  Check it out and let me know what you think.


McMurphy Out!


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