Paul Thomas Anderson rumors? Will he direct Jack or "Metal Gear Solid"?

by Billy Fisher


Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the key directors in Hollywood today.  I feel that his style is fresh and he has a vision that few possess.  He ranks up there with Spielberg, and Fincher as my favorite directors.  I always love hearing new and potential projects that he is working on.

I was surfing today and I hit what I consider the perfect wave.  P.T.A. rumors!  Just finding them alone made my salivary glands kick into high gear.  Then I read what the rumors were and I was in full fledged drool mode. Both exhibit A and B are sourced from CJ Wallis from  From what I can tell, this is a pretty reliable source.

Exhibit A:  Plans to make a film with the one and only Jack Nicholson.  This sounds great!  Those two working together is like having your cake and eating it too.  Here is what CJ has to say:

"the latest one is a film called “power play” apparently set to star jack nicholson about a gambling entrepreneur from a native american casino who decides to take on las vegas.

the film is through paramount pictures and robert evans based on the peter bart novel. no official word obviously from The Family, but i’ll see what comes from asking."

Just the thought makes me happy.  Now onto exhibit B

Exhibit B:  Rumors one who might be doing movie adaptation of "Metal Gear Solid".  In this one we have two huge rumors going on.  One is that P.T.A. will be directing this film.  Two is that if it isn't P.T.A. directing, it might be Paul W.S. Anderson.  He directed "Resident Evil".  The great part about this is that if you had both of them make a movie on the same script, you would get two completely different movies.  Both great in their own respect.  Here is what CJ had to say:

konami announced at the press conference for metal gear solid 4 that ‘paul thomas anderson’ was interested in directing the film version of the game. xixax’r ‘cinemanarchist’ followed up to make sure they didn’t mean ‘paul w.s. anderson’ and got this response:


I just received an email from Kotaku editor, Brian Ashcraft, who originally spoke with Konami’s Aki Saito in person and here’s what he said: “Hey Hunter, [Saito] said Paul Thomas Anderson, not just Paul Anderson, but specifically ‘Thomas.’ Hope that helps!” I just asked Brian again if Saito possibly meant to say director Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil), and he added, “Saito’s handling the movie negotiations, so I’d assume he knew.”

Well folks, there you have it.  Trust me I wish I had all of the answers for you.  If you stick with me, I will keep on this and we will all find out the truth.  If any of you have more information about this then I do please fill in the blanks.  Until then, just let me know what you think.

McMurphy Out!

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