Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Bruno' gets release date and Arnold Schwarznegger?

by Billy Fisher

That is right everyone.  The third character from his very hilarious "Da Ali G show" gets his own movie.  While to me Bruno is not my favorite personality from that show, it will be fun to see it and know that he is going to move onto bigger and better things.  I think his future acting career will over shadow this part of it. I can understand how he would want to finalize this.  Not only for himself, but for his loyal fans. 

Up until today IMDB and other sites have been saying that this movie would come out around October 2008.  Universal announced today that the actual release date is going to be May 2009.  No matter how uncomfortable his Bruno skits may get I will be there to see this movie.  Especially to see what is going on in the picture below.  Thank you for providing this pic:

McMurphy Out!

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