Spielberg to take on 'The Chicago 7'!

by Billy Fisher

Like most us just the mention of Steven Spielberg's name, turns my head.  I have heard of this project, but I don't see that many posts.  So I have taken it upon myself to bring it to you loyal surfers.  IMDB started me on this certian wave and it has been non-stop for me.  Here is what I have come across.

The group known as the Chicago 7 were placed on trial for starting a riot during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.  This trial has been a subject of controversy ever since it happened.  I am excited to see that the master of film, Steven Spielberg, will be directing this film.  What makes it better is that Aaron Sorkin, the hand that brought us Charlie Wilsons War and A Few Good Men, is writing for this film.

Believe it or not there is icing on this cake.  So far Sacha Baron Cohen is commited to this project.  There are a few little know actors that are rumored to star in this.  Such as, Will Smith, Kevin Spacey, and Jeff Daniels.  Just thinking about it almost makes me pass out.  I know that it makes me sound like the super movie geek, but come on.  All of these great minds on one project is like Rocky knocking out Drago, it's what everyone wants to see.

There isn't much more info about this project, but if you are interested in the story behind this film CLICK HERE and enjoy.  Until next time surfers, let me know what you think.

McMurphy Out!

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