Now 'Text' messages can kill people!?

by Joey Paur

Venkman Here - I honestly couldn't believe this when I read it but a movie is being made in which Text messages are causing deaths at the local high school. I give this a big "OH BROTHER!" I watched 'One Missed Call' recently and I wish I could get that time back, but I have to live my sins. The Story Broke at Fangora  and they actually talked with the director Brian McCulley about the film.

TEXT, which filmed earlier this year in Parker, Colorado. Produced by Jennifer and Ken Maskrey (the latter also scripted), the IC Entertainment flick follows the plight of a high school student, portrayed by Hannah (Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN) Hall, who along with three friends attempts to get to the bottom of the mysterious deaths of a number of their classmates. It seems each one shuffled off the mortal coil shortly after receiving mysterious text messages on their cell phones.

I know there is a market out there for these kinds of gore fest films but with text messages? I can't believe people think this is a good idea, and that investors pumped money into this film. I don't get it.

The director points out that TEXT lacks the supernatural component of that film (One Missed Call and its remake). "It focuses on mind programming with the use of sounds," McCulley tells Fango. "The killer sends text messages with images and sounds that trigger the recipient to do dangerous and risky stunts, and even to start killing their friends without remembering it." Hall's heroine and her pals apparently can't be duped forever, though, as "they start to have flashes of what they have done, and tension rises when they start to figure out that they are the ones doing the killing, and who may be responsible."

Wow. Thats ummm...hmmm. yep. I can only imagine a film like this will go strait to DVD. But they are going to take it through the film festivals and they hope it will get a theatrical release. On one hand I am happy for this production because they got a movie made and that hard to do. On the other hand why put all that time, money and energy into a crappy film? There are so many other good ideas out there to choose from!