Sienna Miller to be Ridley Scotts Maid Marian in 'Nottingham'

by Joey Paur

Venkman Here and I guess Ridley Scotts Robin Hood 'Nottingham movie is moving forward. I am sure if anyone is going to make a great kick ass movie about Robin Hood it will be Ridley Scott. This is a movie I feel doesn't need to be done again but if Scott has a different take and idea I am open to it. Sienna Miller has been cast as Maid Marian in the film opposite Russell Crowe's Sheriff of Nottingham. Miller has told BBC:

"It's happening. I just found out. It's the most exciting news in the world. It's ridiculous. But there's this looming actor's strike, so it's not 100% sure that it's going to be made, but it's looking pretty certain."

Ah, yes the actors strike. Does hollywood really need another strike? No! I am really interested to see what Scott, Crowe, and Miller have in store for 'Nottingham'. The one thing I ask is that they have good english accents and no Bryan Adams songs! I hate that song! But whenever I think about Robin Hood that blasted song pops up in my head. Hopefully Ridley Scott can cure that disease.


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