Why I Love the 'Burn After Reading' Poster!

by Joey Paur

First of all take a look at the Poster:

Burn After Reading Movie Poster

It may not look like anything special but it was inspired by one of the great Movie poster Illustrators of our time. Saul Bass who passed away in 1996 was also an Academy Award winning filmmaker. I love Movie Posters and I used to work for a illustrator by the name of David Willardson who designed tons of movie posters for Disney and several other big studios. I learned so much about illustration and art while I worked with Dave. It was there I learned about all the great illustrators, I even got to meet a few. It is working there that I gained an appreciation for the art of movie posters. I remember seeing Saul's Posters and art in books and reading about him. The guy was very talented, and I just loved the look and feel of the posters he designed. 'Vertigo' is not only one of my favorite movies so is its movie Poster. Here are a few Saul Bass Posters so you can see the inspiration.

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