What is Louis Leterrier's 'Strays' Movie really about?

by Joey Paur

There are spoilers here so if you don't want to know dont read ahead. The only explanation we have recieved on the movie 'Strays' so far is what Hollywood Reporter ran and it wasn't much to go on. We know Louis Leterrier (The director of The Incredible Hulk) is writing and directing it. This morning my geek hero's over at ain't it cool posted a description of the film from a insider, and it sounds freakin awesome!

There is a group of young "consultants", but these "consultants" are brilliant HUMANS and have been trained to investigate "unusual" findings for the military (which one I won't say yet). They are "trackers", the "dogs" for the military's special interests unit.

The plot revolves around this group of young men and women investigating a radioactive anomaly in Russia, and they disappear. They disappear for years, then begin resurfacing in areas around the world with information both powerful and deadly.

The operation becomes to locate all of the military's "strays" (hence the title), to unravel the mystery of their disappearances. But when they begin dying of an unusual malady, the mystery truly begins to unfold.

This story sounds like it will be amazing! I wonder if the special interests unit revolves around the paranormal recruiting that apparently went on in the military. Like the movie George Clooney is doing 'The Men who Stare at Goats'. Who knows, but what ever it ends up being I am sure it is going to kick major ass.

 -Dr. Venkman

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