Spike Jonze's 'Where the Wild Things Are' Reshooting!?

by Joey Paur

This is news I hate to report and a perfect example of how Hollywood Executives step into a film production to ruin a movie. This news comes from Bloody-discusting.com and firstshowing.net. It is reported that Warner Brothers will start re-shooting 'Where the Wild things Are' June 5th and will re-shoot all the way to June 30th! That is one hell of a re-shoot! What? are they re-shooting the whole freakin movie? This is not good for any film. Awhile back it was reported that Spike Jonze's version was "too weird" and "too scary" for the WB. They also didn't like the actor that played Max Record or the tone of the film and wanted script revisions. So they wanted to let go of Jonze so studio Execs could make it the way they wanted it. Of course Warner bros denied all of that. But it looks like it was true.

What is happening here is they want to make this movie kid friendly. Have these guys even read the book? The book is both weird and scary. Are they going to dumb down a childrens book now? The hired Jonze to direct because they obviously liked his vision of the movie in the first place, so now that the film is made and his vision is realized the studio turns on him and is changing the movie?! Spike Jonze is a great director and I know the version he did was good for the fact that the studio ecexs don't like it. The sad thing about Hollywood is the allot Executives that run the studios don't have good taste in film. At one time studio Execs were brought in for their creativity, imagination, and talent for story and filmmaking. Now studio Studio Executives are Ivy league school graduates, accountants, and business men that seem to lack everything a Studio Exec should be. These people are going to take a great movie, re-cast it, cut it apart, re-shoot, re-edit and end up with a terrible movie. They way Hollyworks is frustrating at times.

Dr. Venkman

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