Stallone! Schwarzenegger! Movie! Bollywood? No!!!

by Joey Paur

What!? Ok, we have always wanted to see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone in a movie together a crazy action film or something, but I didn't think it would come to this. The movie is called 'Incredible Love'. Timeonline has an article that explains:


SYLVESTER STALLONE, the star of the Rocky and Rambo films, is to become the first well-known Hollywood actor to star in a Bollywood movie.

Stallone’s fellow action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger, now governor of California, will also feature in the production.

The two will appear alongside the Bollywood stars Ashkay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor in Incredible Love, the story of an Indian stuntman who takes Hollywood by storm but cannot find true love there.

The film will be the first Indian production to be shot at Hollywood’s Universal Studios and will have the highest budget in Bollywood history: more than £11m.

I am not sure what this is going to end up being, but I know it wont be that movie we were all hoping for if it ever happened. Oh well. There is nothing we can do about it. It is in the hands of Bollywood now. It doesn't say what their roles in the movie will be or how big they will be. Cameos of themselves perhaps? As much as I have wanted to see these two action stars in a movie together, I'm not stoked about this one.

Venkman Out!



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