Ant-Man added to Marvels film slate and Avengers!

by Joey Paur

Yeah, thats right you heard me. Marvel Has added Ant-Man to its slate of Marvel films. He will also be included in 'The Avengers' he was one of the original members that fought against The Hulk so it makes sense. USA Today has an Article and Jon Favearu has this to say:

Favreau says the team's lineup has changed throughout the years, "but the ones Marvel is talking about now are Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Iron Man. I would love to see that."

You know even makes more sense? Edgar Write may end up Directing Ant-Man! The same Edgar Wright that did 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz'! With him behind we know its going to be an entertaining movie.


Release date: Solo film, but timing not yet available
Director: Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead)
Screenwriters: Wright and Joe Cornish
Origin: Biochemist Hank Pym can alter his size as well as communicate with and control insects. Ant-Man creator Stan Lee recently had lunch with Wright to discuss the direction of the film. "There's never been a hero like this in the movies," Lee says. "I did one comic book called The Man in the Ant Hill about a guy who shrunk down and there were ants or bees chasing him. That sold so well that I thought making him into a superhero might be fun."

I would have to think Ant-Man is not one of Marvels most famous or marketable characters, but I will still watch the film especially with Wright directing it. I hope this all works out! No word yet on if Favreau is directing Iron Man 2 but in the article in USA Today they said:

Iron Man director Jon Favreau, who is developing a sequel to be released in April 2010, says Marvel's plan is "to team up the heroes for The Avengers, which is made up of all of the Marvel heroes they have the rights to."

 So according to them he is developing it? What do you make of all this!

- Dr. Venkman

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