'Disaster Movie' Trailer makes me want to puke blood and die!

by Joey Paur

I can't believe someone went out greenlit and spent millions of dollars on this gutter-ass shit! This is the type of film that just pisses me off. Why do we need a movie like this!? It looks absolutely terrible! This is why our society is becoming more and more dumbed down. Good Grief! The movie was made by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer who also made 'Date Movie', 'Epic Movie', and 'Meet the Spartans'. HOLLYWOOD!!! HELLO!!?? ARE YOU THERE!? STOP LETTING THESE IDIOTS MAKE MOVIES! They are a disgrace to filmmakers everywhere! For some reason I thought Lionsgate would be smarter than this. Watch the trailer below if you want to see what utter trash looks like. Everytime you laugh during this trailer a baby gets eaten by a dingo.

The guys who watch too many movies my ass, they're the guys that don't know a damn thing about movies. Do not go to this movie! We need to stop movies like this from being made! Lets stop the maddness. What color ribbon can we where to show our support for killing off these kinds of films?

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