Rob Zombies 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' Hicksville Poster

by Joey Paur

Venkman Here - I wasn't expecting this. Rob Zombie has yet to impress me. I don't know what it is but it is hard for me to get behind his movies. Maybe because they are just so bad, and what he ended up doing to Halloween is unforgivable. I'll just forget it was ever made. He seems to like using the white trash angle in all of his movies and it really isn't that interesting. Allot of people liked his 'The Devils Rejects' movie, but I ended up walking out of it because I thought it was so bad. I never walk out of the movies! I just felt I had much better things to do. So here is the new mock poster to his upcoming movie from Dimension Films 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' I have no idea what this movie is about but its got 3 hillbillies with guns drawn. Will they fight a T-Rex hick style? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. if your a Rob Zombie Fan I'm sure you'll love it. Also, if you want to please tell me why you think Rob Zombie is a good filmmaker. I am interested to know what your opinion is.

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