S. Darko update and it only gets Worse!

by Joey Paur

The more information we get on this movie the more we know it is going to suck more than anything has ever sucked before. Briana Evigan who is one of the stars in the upcoming S. Darko movie spoke to MTV recently in an interview and had a few things to say about the movie and her character. They really just need to not waste money on a movie like this.

"It's basically about going back in time and changing something. My character is named Corey - she's a selfish, badass kind of girl. She ends up switching a moment in time to take her life - [to help] somebody else, her best friend. It goes into all different dimensions, but it's really about turning something around for somebody else, and being able to go back and have another chance."

"I have the power too... I'm [Samantha Darko's] best friend. ... In ways, with me and her, it's like two girls on a road trip. It's a really cool, fun script. But it's darker, and I hope everybody understands it... We just come back [in time] and change what happened in the first one."

 Why in the hell do either of these girls "have the power"?! They just come back in time and change what happened in the first one!? What? Its not a matter of being able to understand the Ridiculous story line that these people have come up with. Its trying to understand why they are making dumbed down sequel of the amazing original film!

Venkman Out!

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