Guy Ritchies 'RocknRolla' Trailer is a Go!

by Joey Paur

Venkman here to tell you that Guy Ritchie looks like he is back to his old self again! Isn't that great! I haven't heard much about what this movie is about just that it was getting made. R.P. McMurphy and I were actually talking about it last night wondering when we were going to get some info, then this morning low and behold I come across the trailer for the film over at Empire Online! I watched the preview and it looks great! This is has got Guy Ritchie written all over it! And the cast looks amazing heres who we got! Gerard 'Badass' Butler, Gemma 'Hottie' Arterton, Jeremy 'Spaz' Piven, Thandie 'cutie' Newton, and Tom 'Bloodhound' Wilkinson! They all look fantastic. We got the action, the cool camera shots, the witty dialoge, and something missing that needs to go back to its rightful owner. I was a big fan of Guy Ritchie, but after he did 'Snatch' I don't know what happened, he just made some really bad movies. I can't wait to see this movie though! it looks bloody fantastic! "If the slap don't work, you cut him or you pay him, but you keep the receipts because this aint the mafia." Click on the pic to watch the trailer!

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