Paramount Pictures wont show Comic-Con Geeks the Love!

by Joey Paur

What the hell?! Paramount Pictures will not be bringing much to Comic-Con this year! What a great way to market your films guys! Bail out on the biggest Comic book and movie convention EVER! What? They got a problem with Geeks now? This is what Variety says:

Paramount Pictures will not be putting on any panels or bringing any stars to Comic-Con this year. They may do some viral stuff. But their big "geek" titles G.I. Joe, J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, Michael Bay's Transformers 2 and M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender won't be released until 2009. Last year Paramount kicked off Iron Man at the Con, which played big there. "The timing was off this year," said one Paramount spokesman.

The timing was off my ass! Maybe they just don't want to reveal the crap they are going to be putting out like G.I. Joe. Maybe Star Trek isn't lookin so hot. And The Last Airbender? After M. Nights 'The Happening' is The Last Airbender still Happening with M. Night Behind it? Is Transformers 2 not coming together well? Hey Paramount your not really building up our confidence in your film this year. Do you want you biggest fan base to go out and see them or not?! Paramount was the biggest hit at Comic-Con last year especially with Iron Man. If Paramount won't show us the love why should we show them the love?

Venkman Out!

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