Sequel Talk! Jason Bourne & 300! Plus a Bonus History lesson!

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with some interesting news about sequels that are currently in the works. I am a huge fan of the Jason Bourne series and I have no problems with a fourth. As far as I am concerned those movie just got better and better every time they made one! I imagine this will be no different as long as they got the creative talent. Universal has confirmed that Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass will be back. Not sure what the story will be but Producer Frank Marshall told IESB they were going to take him "down South" which would be South America. Setting him loose on the Bible belt might make a more interesting movie though. Marshall also said that this movie was definitely going to happen! So it gives us another great movie to look forward to in 2010. It will be called 'The Bourne Legacy'.

Now here is a movie I didn't see a sequel coming from. 300!? As awesome and as cool as 300 was how will they do the sequel? It seems to me like it would be like making a sequel to Titanic. Everyone died except the narrator! They really can't make a 300 Part 2 because, well, there was only one legend of the 300 Spartans. Producer Gianni Nunnari tells Collider that they're currently working on a sequel to 300. He says that they're working with Frank Miller and Zack Snyder to create something authentic which would involve a new story of some kind. Now there are several other battles that went on after the battle of Thermopylae but they obviously didn't involve the 300 Spartans. So what could it be? Let me give you a little history lesson. Any one these I am sure will make an amazing movie!

It could be that Battle of Artemisium which took place the same day as the Battle of Thermopylae. This was a big naval battle that took place on the sea near Thermopylae and involved an alliance of Greek city -states fighting against the Persians. When The Greek learned of Leonidas' defeat at Thermopylae they retreated.

The Persians recovered Leonidas' body and Xerxes had his head cut off and his body crucified.

Then there was the Battle of Salamis, this was another naval battle in which the Greeks defeated the Persians. Then the remaining Persian army was taken out at the Battle of Plataea by a Greek Army once again led by the Spartans. This was the final major battle of the Greco-Persian Wars. This time Sparta sent 10,000 men instead of 300. With all Greek army's combined they had 110,000 men. This will most likely be the battle that the 300 sequel will be about.

Here is something interesting you may not know. Xerxes was curious as to why the Greeks numbers of the army was so small. It was because the other men were participating in the Olympic Games. Xerxes wanted to know what the prize was for the winner of these games when he was told an olive wreath one of the Parisian generals replied:

"Ye Gods, Mardonius, what men have you brought us to fight against? Men that fight not for gold, but for honour."

I hope you got something out of this. Leave it to the History Channel to pollute out minds with great knowledge.



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