Hellboy 2 Film Clip! Introducing Johann Kraus!

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with a totally awesome film clip from Guillermo del Toros Hellboy 2. This film clip introduces a new character into the movie named Johann Kruas. He is a described as:

a protoplasmic mystic and psychic that was unable to return to this body following a seance, so the B.P.R.D. built him a containment suit. Without the suit his spirit would dissipate and he would no longer exist. He has the ability to speak with dead spirits and give them a temporary physical form.

Johann Kraus is voiced by Seth FacFarlane the creator of 'Family Guy'. This film clip is pretty cool. This is another movie I am excited to get out and see! I hope your all on board with Hellboy 2: The Goldem Army. If not then you better get on board this movie is going to rock! Enjoy the clip! 

Also if you Missed the latest amazing Hellboy 2 trailer, you can CLICK HERE to check it out. While you are over at Apple you should also check out a pretty sweet little prologue that talks about the history of 'The Golden Army', and a nice little Featurette! So enjoy yourself with some Hellboy 2 greatness.

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