Bruce Willis to sign on 'Kane & Lynch' Video Game gone Movie!

by Joey Paur

The trades are reporting that Bruce Willis is in final negotiations to star in Lionsgates 'Kane & Lynch' movie which is based on the video game by Eidor Interactive.

The game follows Kane (Willis), a death row inmate who, along with a schizophrenic killer named Lynch, is sprung by Kane's former team so that he can retrieve a stolen fortune. Kane travels to Los Angeles, Japan and Cuba, with Lynch acting as the team's watchdog in order to save his wife and daughter.

The movie will be directed by Simon Crane who is a stunt coordinator and second unit director on films such as the Alien saga, James Bond and Hancock. Bruce Willis is always a good pick for movies like this. Since this is Cranes first time directing I am not sure what to expect. Producing is Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter who also produced 'Hitman'. Hopefully this one wont be as bad.

Venkman Out

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