Remake Sequel Alert! Halloween part 2!

by Joey Paur

Yes, its true friends. Dimension films is going to make Halloween 2. This news comes from It is based off Rob Zombies remake, which by the way was terrible. So this is pretty much going to be a remake of the original Halloween part 2. Remaking horror sequels is quite a stretch even for Hollywood. It will be directed by two French filmmakers Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Muary. Apparently they have some clout with this sort of horror genra, they made a movie called 'Inside'. They were involved with the movie remake of 'Hellraiser', but I guess that didn't work out. Halloween 2 will be these filmmaker American film debut. Now that is sad. If these guys have the clout and are as good as people say they are then why are they not diving into an original horror movie? Why are they remaking a sequel? A remake to a sequel that was remade that had no business being remade in the first place! Do you follow me? Where did all the imagination go in Hollywood? I hate to think what type of remakes Hollywood will be doing 20 years from now. Also, I thought the French liked being different. Its expected for America to remake French films, but for the French to remake American films dosen't make sense. Rob Zombies 'Halloween' made $78 million. The sequel will maybe make half that. Why? It's the sequel of a bad remake, and these french Filmmakers don't have the same name as Rob Zombie. Remaking sequels is the worst!

Venkman Out!

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