Updated! Terminator 4 Rumor... You gotta be Kidding me! Is Now a major Spoiler!

by Joey Paur

Venkman Here - Aint it cool posted a summary not to long ago from one of their spys who claims he knows where 'Terminater Salvation: The Future Begins' is headed story wise. Now right now this is a rumor, but I would not put it past McG to go along with something like this. I hope this is a rumor, I hope this is not true and that this guy is just making crap up. But here it is:

"Alright so the main character is a cyborg named Marcus. For some background, Marcus was a criminal who was executed in 2003. He donated his body to Project Angel which was involved with SkyNet. They take his body and make a terminator out of him so he's a terminator skeleton but has living muscle/skin and a beating heart too. At the end of the movie John Connor is fighting a T800 model 101 and loses. He dies and the top resistance people come up with a plan to help the resistance keep fighting on. The resistance feels that it's important to keep the image or idea that John Connor is still alive so the resistance keeps going. So they rip off Marcus' skin and put John Connor's on the skeleton so now Marcus is John Connor."

The movie will die if they do this. Fans will revolt, riots will fill the streets, and the looting will begin. And it will start by a Army of Geeks invading The Warner Brothers Studio Lot and taking it over. Good hell this is a terrible rumor. Do you think this can be true? It can't be! Will someone please confirm or deny this!





Well, our fears have been realized. Chud.com reports that this rumor is no rumor but a major spoiler. You gotta be kidding me!? That was true! The story broke yesterday from Moriarty at Ain't it Cool. Here is what Chud is saying:

Moriarty at Aint It Cool News has just run a MAJOR spoiler for the ending of Terminator 4, one that, if you read it, will ruin the movie for you. And to the best of my knowledge it is 100% true.

what I wouldn't give to be on that stage and listening to how McG and his producers are handling this. This is the Luke's father of Terminator 4, that's for sure. Moriarty just gave this film a real kick in the balls.

You know what though, this movie is no Star Wars. It never surprised me that the filmmakers would do something like this. Well, if they wanted to know what people were going to think about the ending they came up with, now they know. I tell you what if I didn't know this information and I saw the movie and this ending I would still be pissed off. Hell I'm pissed of that it is actually true! If you want to read the article at Ain't it Cool CLICK HERE to read CHUDS confirmation CLICK HERE.


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