Jon Favreau and Marvel "Its gonna work out."

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with some great news to share with you! recently had a little chat with Jon Favreau at the premiere of Hellboy II, which I can't wait to see! But he talked a little about Marvel, Iron man II, Captain America and The Avengers! When He was asked about Marvel and his role as director Jon Says:

"It's gonna work out, I have a feeling. It's...we're working it all out. They've actively engaged with us."

Then he starts to talk about the development of Iron Man 2. I guess they are sticking to the plan to release Iron Man 2 in 2010. There will be no 3 year plan like Jon talked about previously. Here is what he has to say aabout that:

"It's a lot of work to get it done in that amount of get this thing done in two years it means we've got to dig in really fast and be relentless. It's just a wind sprint all the way through. The good news is we've already designed the suit, of course, already have our cast, all the things that took so much time the first time around...everybody understands my vision for the film, based on the first one."

He then goes on to talk about Thor, and how Thor will not be involved in Iron Man 2 so we can lay those rumors to rest. But he does talk a little about the Captain America movie:

"Then you're going to have a period piece film, Captain America: The First Avenger. That I've seen artwork from, and it's pretty impressive the work they've already started doing."

Awesome! I love when creative peiople use tthe term pretty impressive. I would love to see what they get to see! Now here is something interesting that he says regarding his role with The Avengers movie:

"It's going to be really tough...I would be involved with the other properties in some capacity, but Iron Man 2 is the one that I think needs the day in and day out care and attention."

I assume he is saying it is going to be really tough to direct both Iron Man 2 and The Avengers, but not out of the question? I really like that he is going to be involved with all of the "other properties in some capacity" I wonder if he will be a producer on all the upcoming Marvel films. This is some great news! It looks like things are happening the wheels are in motion!


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