Seth Rogen's 'The Green Hornet' is a Go!

by Joey Paur

It has been rumored for awhile that this movie might actually happen well, I am happy to say Sony Pictures has announced today through Entertainment Weekly that Seth Rogans Green Hornet film project has been greenlit. They set the release date for June 25th 2010. Which will pit it against Marvels Almighty 'Thor'. Here is the statement:

Sony is moving forward with what may be the most unlikely superhero film yet: The Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen. The Knocked Up star will play Britt Reid, a bored playboy who inherits his father's crusading newspaper and spends his nights fighting crime with his sidekick, Kato. Additionally, Rogen is currently penning the film's script with his writing partner, Evan Goldberg (Superbad); Sony has yet to hire a director for the project. Hornet is due in theaters on June 25, 2010.

Back in November, Rogen talked about that they hadn't decided on whether they wanted to do a more comedic version or not, but that "it's not an origin story," instead "it's more like a regular action movie." Regardless of how they tackle the 'The Green Hornet' I think they will put together a really cool movie.

-Dr. Venkman