Dreamworks gathering for 'Roundtable'!

by Joey Paur

Now here is an interesting concept for a movie. It has been picked up by Dreamworks and written by Brian K. Vaughn who is also writting the script for Marvels 'Runaways' flick.  Here is the scoop!

In "Roundtable," Vaughan tries out yet another tweak on the oft-revised King Arthur legend. His spin, more "Ghostbusters" than "Excalibur," revolves around Merlin assembling a bunch of modern-day knights to battle a resurrected ancient evil, only to discover that today's knights are all washed-up athletes, cowardly scientists or Academy Award-winning actors.

You know what would be great. If they actually got real washed up althetes and Academy Award winng actors to play themselves. That would be brilliant. I hope they end up doing that because it would take this movie to a whole new level. Will these knights have special powers that they don't know they have, which would put some kind of 'HEROES' spin on it or will they battle it out with modern warfare? Not sure how this will end up but with Dreamworks behind the production it should end up being really fun. Producing the film is Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald who were behind 'Sweeny Todd' and 'The Island'. Sounds good!

-Dr. Venkman


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