Hollywood puts another Flop in production starring Lindsay Lohan

by Joey Paur


What the hell?! Did no one read R.P. McMurphy's article? At a time when the economy is in a terrible state, and everything is getter more expensive, wouldn't a studio want to make a really good movie before they start pumping millions of dollars into a film that is destined to bomb? Apparently Nu Image/Millennium Films just likes throwing their money away into bad film productions. They recently threw some money into the doomed 'Nailed' Production that has once again shut down production. On top of all that they choose Lindsay Lohan to star in the film! Why? They are so many better actresses out there! This new movie is called 'Labor Pains' and here is what it is about:

Connie Britton and Chris Parnell will star opposite Lindsay Lohan in "Labor Pains," a Nu Image/Millennium comedy in which Lohan plays a woman who fakes being pregnant.

Fearing she's about to be fired from her job at a military publisher, Lohan's character tells her boss she's with child; not only does she keep her job, her luck begins to turn in other areas as well. 

Commercial director Laura Shapiro will helm from a script she wrote with television scribe Stacey Kramer ("Lizzie McGuire"). Overnight Films and Plum Pictures will produce the movie.

Isn't this a brilliant idea for a movie! Nu Image/Millennium Films really knows how to pick em. I really want to know what goes through these peoples heads. They are doing the new 'Conan' movie, but who knows how that is going to end up. I'm a little worried now. Here is a little tidbit on Lohan:

Pic gives Lohan a chance to regain her footing after recent personal troubles. The actress, who recently guested on ABC's "Ugly Betty," said she loved the script. "It is a very different role for me and I look forward to the challenges it will present, and I love working on comedies."

I am happy Lohan is changing her life for the better, but it still doesn't make her a good actress. I guess playing a woman who pretends to be pregnant is a different role for her and will be very challenging for her (I rolled my eyes as I wrote that). Some studios just like throwing their money into the bottomless pit. What can ya do?

-Dr. Venkman

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