Oliver Stones new 'W' Teaser Poster!

by Joey Paur

I gotta say it's not really what I expected but it is humorous. It is kind of hard to believe all of these statements came from our President. But he is known for them. By releasing a poster like this 'W' is sure to be a very controversial Bush film. Will it be anti Bush? Probably. Even though Stone has said it will be a fair portrayal. Maybe he is being as fair as he can be. Bush is being played by Josh Brolin which turned out to be a great choice, I had no idea how that would work until I saw the pictures. Dick Cheney is being played be Richard Dryfus another great choice. I can see this movie and Fahrenheit 911 being sold together as a DVD set for some reason. It will be interesting to see what this movie ends up being. Check out the teaser poster below.


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