'Transformers 2: Revnge of the Fallen' is the title

by Joey Paur

So here is the official title for the new Transformers movie currently being shot in Bethlehem PA. The title was officially announced by Hasbro. They also go on to say that the second film will focus on a key character from the first movie who makes a dramatic comeback and attempts to settle a score. Umm I wonder who that could be. Jazz? Megatron? Will Jazz and Megatron battle it out to the death? There is a score to settle here folks. One shall stand, one shall fall, and then come back again. Michael Bay has also said that this new Transformers movie will stand alone. He also goes on to say the following:

"You know how those sequels they do the second one so you go see the third one? [Transformers 2] is it. First one was just introducing, setting up stuff, so we can go a lot farther. Let's just say [this] is not a lame sequel."

So he is not setting it up as a cliffhanger, which is fine. If there is a third one I assume it will stand alone as well. Whatever he does I'm going to go see it. I love giant battling robots! I just hope the story and dialoge is much better in this one. Thats all I ask.

Dr. Venkman