Zack Snyder to Produce Zombie flick 'Army of the Dead'!

by Joey Paur
 Zack Snyder loves the Zombies, but for good reason they did launch his career for him. I have heard a little about this film but not much. It seems the film has got itself a director. A guy by the name of Matthijs Van Heijning. He is a commercial filmmaker and this will be his first feature film. It is good see filmmakers giving other filmmakers that chance to show what they've got. Here is what Zack says regarding the director they were looking for:


"we were looking for an inventive talent with a unique voice and we found it in Matthijs." He adds that Matthijs' "ability to infuse humor with irony allows him to create compelling stories in 30 seconds."

Thats pretty cool. Zack Snyder wrote the story for the Zombie flick and Joby Harold wrote the screenplay. Harold also wrote the movie 'Awake' Eh. Here is how the movie is described by Zacks wife and producing partner:

"Basically, something happened in Vegas and there was this huge outbreak of these zombies that were killing people. So to contain it they basically contain Vegas. The city is this wasteland with walls around it and all of these zombies are inside. One of our characters goes in there to investigate and gets trapped inside and her father goes in to search for her. He can't do it alone so he gets a group of mercenaries under the guise that there's money still in the casinos, because they don't care about his daughter."

What makes this different is the setting. I know this has pretty much been done with the 3rd Resident Evil movie but Vegas was pretty much under the sand. Zombies in a full big run down Vegas visually could look pretty amazing and cool. There are so many bad Zombie movies that are being made this looks like it will be really big and really fun, but it's not going to re-define the genra by any means. I love Zombie movies so I'm looking forward to this.

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