'DUNE' Novel Being adapted again for Paramount Pictures!

by Joey Paur

Looks like paramount Pictures is looking to re-adapt the award winning 1965 novel 'Dune' for the big screen once again. 'Dune' Was written by Frank Herbert and right now Josh Zetumer is in negotiations to adapt it for the screen. As you probably know David Lynch directed the first 'Dune' film back in 1984. I guess it didn't go over so well financially and the critics hated it. I still think it is a fun movie to watch. I don't think the world was ready for that in 1984. Here is what the trades are reporting:

The first in a series of six books about a futuristic struggle for control of a precious spice called Melange on the desert planet Arrakis.

Kevin Misher is producing the new version through his Paramount-based Misher Films. Herbert's son Brian and Kevin J. Anderson, who have co-written several additional "Dune" novels, will co-produce. Peter Berg is attached to direct.

New Amsterdam Entertainment's Richard Rubenstein and is also producing with Sarah Aubrey of Berg's Film 44 shingle. John Harrison and Mike Messina will executive produce.

The "Dune" property, one of the best-selling science fiction series of all time, has spawned an enormous and devoted fan base and could provide a lucrative new franchise for Paramount.

I really liked the first movie and the miniseries that the Sci Fi Channel did back in 2000. I am not the biggest fan of remakes, but I have always wondered what this movie would be like if it had been done today with the way film and technology has progressed since then. Actor and directing Peter Berg, which is cool he recently directed 'The Kingdom' and 'Hancock'.


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