Another Cameo in the Hulk movie!? Spoiler

by Joey Paur

Venkman Here - G4TV recently did an interview with Louis Leterrier the director of 'The Incredible Hulk' for Marvel. in the interview he brought up Captain Americas shield in the background of 'Iron Man' and then added this little nugget of information:

"In the Hulk you might see Captain America himself."

Wow! They are not leaving any surprises for us are they! They are laying everything out on the table! Is this the future of marketing? They showed us that Tony Stark would be in it, they let us here the voice of the Hulk done by Lou Ferrigno, and now this. Do you think they will confirm this when they show Captain America in yet another Hulk TV Sopt? I don't know if I like all the spoilage! I kinda like being surprised when I go to the movies.

If you want to watch the Interveiw here it is thanks to G4TV.

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