Looks Like Pixar will be making 'John Carter from Mars'!

by Joey Paur

It has been rumored for awhile that Pixar would be making 'John Carter from Mars' into a movie but it was recently confirmed again by the guy that is writing the script Andrew Stanton who was also behind another Pixar mega hit 'Finding Nemo' he also wrote and dircted the upcoming 'Wall-E' movie. He had said earlier in The Pixar bolg that he was writing the script, but I guess people didn't believe him so they asked him to repeat himself to see if in fact it was true, so here is what he said:

"I am writing John Carter of Mars right now."

So there it is, right to the point. It's not known if its going to be a CG or live action film yet. Maybe a little of both? Who knows, fact of the matter is 'John Carter from Mars' is finally going to get made, and I couldn't ask for a better studio to make it. I have a feeling it is going to blow our minds into oblivion. 'John Carter from Mars' is based on a book written in 1917 by Edger Rice Burroughs called 'Princess of mars', about a Civil War vet named John Carter who is transported to Mars, where the lower gravity gives him super strength. This is going to be awesome.

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