Entertainment Weekly's 'Twilight' Cover

by Joey Paur
Ok all you 'Twilight' fans out there here is your first liook at Entertainment Weeklys new cover featuring the 2 main characters from 'Twilight'. From what I gather, the book is about a dreamy Vampire and a regular human high school girl that fall in love with each other. My wife has been reading the books recently and all I hear about is how sweet and amazing this vampire guy is. There is no reason to be jealous though, because we all know that real vampires are evil sons of bitches that will stop at nothing to kill and drink the blood of their victims. You know whats funny about all that though? If I were to tell my wife how hot Kate Bekinsale was in Underworld as a vimpire, she would probably get pissed at me. Check out the EW cover! And below that is a picture of Kate Beckinsdale just for the hell of it. One thing we can all agree on is that vampires are pale.

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