Jon Favreau Is Officialy Directing Iron Man 2! and Nikki Finke is an idiot

by Joey Paur

This is great news! After everything us fanboys and fangirls had to endure. There was so much talk from both ends on Iron man 2 we have heard some great things from marvel and Jon but we just wern't sure if they were going to team up for the sequel. I mean back in our minds we new it would all work out in the end but until its official ya never know, it still has not been officially announced. So congratulations to Jon Favreau and Marvel for hitting it off once again and making all the fans of the first Iron Man incredibly happy!

Now here is where I am going to Rant. I found this exclusive news on, and the exlusive news and article was written by a Nikki Finke and this person is an idiot: here is the article:
EXCLUSIVE: It's not officially announced yet, but I'm told that Marvel Studios and Iron Man director Jon Favreau have reached a deal for him to helm the sequel, due out in 2010. (Robert Downey Jr had a sequel clause in his contract so he's on board.) Marvel Studios boss David Maisel was quick to put out a "definitely" richer offer to Favreau, but not quick enough for Jon -- who used the Internet and other media to rile up the movie's many fans by spreading nonsense that Marvel was dragging its feet and then lowballing him. Granted Maisel is no day at the beach himself, but, seriously, could Favreau have been more of an asshole?

Did this person just call Jon Favreau an asshole?! I think so. Nikki! look at you being all kinds of an asshole! Here is a person that does not know Jon or David Maisel and has no clue what the real story was behind everything that went down.  Some studios tend to drag their feet especially if they had a lot going on with Hulk movie at the time, and Jon even recognized that. It no surprise either that the talent asks for more money, I mean the guy made an amazing film and helped Marvel establish itself. They then reach an agreement. Its called negotiations. This happens all the time in Hollywood it is just the way it works, The fans wanted to know what was going on and Jon told them everything that he could, he seemed just as confused as everyone else, he wants to direct Iron Man 2 just as much as the fans want him to! Maybe even more. The guy isn't going to burn his connections and ruin his relationship with Marvel! In fact had he done so, Marvel probably would have moved on without him! If Jon is an asshole like you say he is, he wouldn't be signed on to direct Iron Man 2 you moron. Hey Nikki! You'll keep your mouth shut if you know what s good for ya. See, now I'm the asshole!

Anyway! Iron Man 2 is rolling forward with Jon Favearu in the directing chair, so lets all rejoyce and celebrate this happy occasion.

-Dr. Venkman

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