Comic-Con 2008 Sunday July 27th Schedule is out!

by Joey Paur

Venkman Here and I got the Comic-Con 2008 Sunday July 27th schedule! All of us that go to the Con know that Sunday is Kids day! Yay! But it dosent mean there are some other cool things to check out! So here is the list! I have Highlighted in red the highlights! Remember to look for us at the Con so you can get a free GeekTyrant t-shirt!

Sunday, July 27
10:00-11:00 Smallville Screening and Q&A- Comic-Con favorite Smallville returns, with new showrunners Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, Todd Slavkin, and Darren Swimmer joining cast members to talk about the year ahead, answer fan questions, and give an exclusive sneak peek at clips featuring the new villains for season eight. Award-winning comic book writer, Emmy-nominated film and television writer/producer, and Smallville alum Jeph Loeb (Heroes) moderates the session. From Tollin/Robbins Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, Smallville airs Thursdays at 8:00 PM on The CW. Room 6CDEF
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10:00-11:00 Jack Kirby Tribute- As we do every year, friend and family of the great Jack Kirby to remember the man some call The King. Participating this year are animation producers Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, Marvel writer-artist Larry Lieber, and comic book legend Jerry Robinson. And it's all hosted by-who else?-Mark Evanier, author of the recent book, Kirby: King of Comics. Room 7AB
Categories: Comic Books | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances
10:00-11:00 The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd LIVE!- You can participate in a LIVE recording of the podcast the LA Times calls: "A Prairie Home Companion for kids!" Set your imagination to fun with Dr. Floyd as he travels through time trying to thwart the plans of his arch-nemesis Dr. Steve in this family-friendly hour of laughter, music, and audience participation. This program features show stars Doug Price (Star Trek IV) as Dr. Floyd and Grant Baciocco ( podcast) as Dr. Steve, along with special celebrity guests: the legendary Chuck McCann (Sid and Marty Krofft's Far Out Space Nuts),Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000), Moira Quirk (Nickelodeon's GUTS!) and, quite! Room 8
Categories: Kids
10:00-5:00 San Diego International Children's Film Festival- The 5th Annual San Diego International Children's Film Festival opens right here on Kids' Day at Comic-Con International! The festival will screen short films for children of all ages from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Room 10, including animation, live action, and documentary. Filmmakers will appear to answer questions from the audience. Complete schedule is coming soon! Room 10
Categories: Animation | Kids | Movies
10:15-11:15 Nickelodeon: SpongeBob SquarePants Sneak Peek, and More!- Be the first to watch some brand spanking new episodes of one of your favorite Nickelodeon shows, SpongeBob SquarePants! And there's more! You'll also catch a never-before-seen episode from Nick's latest breakout hit, The Mighty B!, and watch the hilarious antics of Otis and his friends from the Emmy-nominated show Back at the Barnyard. Plus, you'll be the first to get a sneak peek at an upcoming Nickelodeon series. Room 6B
Categories: Animation | Humor & Satire | Kids | Television

10:30-11:30 Muggles, Wizards, and Fans in the World of Harry Potter- Panel members Erin Pyne (author of A Fandom of Magical Proportions), Sue Upton (senior editor of www.the-leaky-cauldron.organd co-host of Pottercast), Melissa Anelli (author of Harry: A History), and Heidi Tandy (webmaster, Fiction Alley) will have wands at ready as they discuss what makes Harry Potter fans so different from members of other fandoms. How has the HP fandom affected the development of the books and movies? Moderated by notorious Muggle Eric Bowling. Room 2
Categories: Fandom | Movies | Science Fiction & Fantasy

10:30-11:30 Spotlight on Jim Ottaviani- Join Jim Ottaviani (Levitation; Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards; Fallout; Two-Fisted Science) for a Sunday morning combination of interview and Q&A. He'll discuss nuclear engineering, comics about scientists, upcoming projects, how to stay calm when Buzz Aldrin calls (hint: you don't, but he's used to that), and what to do when the Nobel Museum asks you to speak (hint: you say yes). Room 3
Categories: Art and Illustration | Cartooning and Comic Strips | Comic Books | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Science Fiction & Fantasy
10:30-11:30 Zuda Online Comics- Read. Vote. Create. With those three little words, Zuda is changing the face of webcomics. Panel participants include Zuda staff Richard Bruning, Ron Perazza, Kwanza Johnson, and Dave McCullough, along with creators Jeremy Love (Bayou), Bobby & Peter Timony (The Night Owls), David Gallaher & Steve Ellis (High Moon), Nick Doan (Pray for Death), Johnny Zito & Tony Trovarello (The Black Cherry Bombshells), Sheldon Vella (Supertron), and Caanan Grall (Celadore). Listen as they ramble incoherently, pausing occasionally to make a good point. Room 4
Categories: Cartooning and Comic Strips | Comic Books | Webcomics
10:30-12:00 CBLDF Live Art Jam- Did you ever want to look over a legendary artist's shoulder while he or she was making a great piece of art, and then add it to your collection? Well, here's your chance to do just that and support a great cause! See Whilce Portacio (Spawn), Terry Moore (Echo), and other special guests draw live art projected on the big screen at the first ever CBLDF Live Art Jam at Comic-Con! Watch comics legends make stunning drawings of your favorite comics characters that you can bid on to support the First Amendment legal work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! Don't miss this unforgettable event and your chance to walk away with some stunning art! Note: you will need a bidder number to bid on art in this event, which you can pick up at the CBLDF booth or at the start of the event. Room 5AB
Categories: Art and Illustration | Cartooning and Comic Strips | Comic Books | Comics Law School
10:30-11:30 Marvel: Women in Marvel- She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel are powerhouses in the Marvel U-now meet the real women powerhouses who work in Marvel Comics today! Writers Robin Furth (Dark Tower) and Marjorie Liu (NYX), editor Jen Grunwald, colorist Christina Strain (Runaways), and blogger Valerie D'Orazio (Occasional Superheroine) are here to answer your question about their titles, announce new projects, and explain how more women are breaking into comics every day! Room 6A
Categories: Art and Illustration | Comic Books | Webcomics | Writers & Writing
10:30-11:30 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia- The FX hit comedy series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is coming to the Con. See an unaired episode from the upcoming season followed by a panel discussion featuring series stars Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, and director Fred Savage. The panel will be moderated by Damon Lindelof, creator/executive producer of Lost. Attendees of the screening and panel have the chance to win one of thousands of prizes. Ballroom 20
Categories: Humor & Satire | Television

10:30-11:30 Christian Comics Art Society- Hear about the 2008 explosion of Christian-themed projects from major publishers and network with other Christians. Featuring Michael Davis (co-creator, Static Shock), Sergio Cariello (The Lone Ranger), Jerrell Conner (Revelations: The Prophets), Clint Johnson (Faith Walker), and hosted by Leo Partible (Behind the Screen: Insiders on Faith, Film & Culture). A short sermon by Robert Luedke (Eye Witness) and worship music will precede the panel discussion. Room 24A
Categories: Comic Books
10:30-11:30 Comics Arts Conference Session #13: Comics Construction: Literary and Visual Representations- Frank Verano (Temple University) compares Eddie Campbell's de/re-construction of the past in his Alec stories to the work of film director Alain Resnais. Jason Frank (Youngstown State University) uses pages of comic art by Scott Wegener to display the application of Proust's iterative mode in the comics art form. Michael Harrison (University of California at Irvine) explores how the visual imagery in gay Spanish comics allows cartoonists to comment on various conceptions of gender, sexual, and national identity. Room 30AB
Categories: Cartooning and Comic Strips | Comic Arts Conference | Comic Books
10:30-11:30 Kids Draw!- Join a great lineup of kids' cartoonists as they draw their hearts out-right in front of you! Cartoonists including Nick Abadzis (Laika), Scott Morse (Visitations), Andy Runton (Owly), Kean Soo (Jellaby), and Dave Roman (Nickelodeon) will create art as you watch-with your help! Room 30CDE
Categories: Art and Illustration | Cartooning and Comic Strips | Kids
11:00-12:00 Dave Stevens Tribute- The industry was shocked and saddened at the loss this year of one of our great creative talents. Emcee Mark Evanier chairs an hour of remembrance by Dave's fans and friends as they talk about the creator of The Rocketeer...a great artist who left us much too early. Room 7AB
Categories: Comic Books | Movies
11:00-12:30 Asian Ball Jointed Dolls 101/Collectors Meeting- Doll owners and enthusiasts discuss the world of Asian ball-jointed resin dolls from companies like Elfdoll, Volks, Cerberus Project, Customhouse, Fairyland, Angelregion, Bambicrony, and many others. Learn the basics about BJDs, and pick up tips on customizing, maintaining, and photographing these beautiful dolls. Share the beauty of your own unique doll, or just see the many dolls on display, from tiny to towering. Make new friends-both live and resin! Room 8
Categories: Action Figures, Toys and Collectibles | Costuming | Fandom
11:15-12:15 Supernatural Screening and Q&A- Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles (Smallville) and Jared Padalecki (House of Wax)-along with creator/executive producer Eric Kripke (Boogeyman), co-executive producers Ben Edlund (Angel) and Peter Johnson (Supernatural: Origins comic book series), and supervising producer Sera Gamble (Eyes)-present exclusive sneak peek footage from the highly anticipated fourth season premiere of this thrill-ride series, answer questions, and show a portion of the special features from the upcoming third season DVD release. Produced by Wonderland Sound and Vision in association with Warner Bros. Television, Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9:00 PM ET/PT on The CW. Room 6CDEF
Categories: Horror and Suspense | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Television
11:30-12:30 Spotlight on Kyle Baker- Between the rich history of Nat Turner, the family hijinks of The Bakers: Babies & Kittens, and the wild war in Special Forces, it's been a busy year so far for Kyle Baker! The Eisner Award-winning writer/artist talks about all this stuff and what's next. Room 2
Categories: Art and Illustration | Comic Books | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Writers & Writing
11:30-12:30 Graphic Novel Help in Libraries- Graphic novel collections are booming in libraries. How can a librarian manage when there seems to be a new "must have" title coming out every week? Jill Patterson (La Habra Branch Library) Merideth Jenson-Benjamin (Glendale Public Library), John Shableski (Diamond), and Hillary W. Chang (McCully-Moiliili Public Library) discuss practical ways for librarians to survive their GN collection. Room 3
Categories: Comic Books
11:30-12:30 Growing up with Archie- Archie Comics creative staff share inside perspectives on the creation of Archie, how Archie Comics has evolved, and why it dominates the newsstands and supermarkets in comic sales. Panelists include Victor Gorelick, editor-in-chief (celebrating his 50th year with Archie Comics); Fred Mausser, VP sales; Mike Pellerito, managing editor; George Gladir, Archie writer; Dan Parent, Betty & Veronica writer and artist; Tania del Rio, Sabrina writer and artist, Bill Galvan, "Archie Freshman Year" artist; Batton Lash, "Archie Freshman Year" writer; Craig Boldman, Jughead writer; and moderator Rik Offenberger, public relations coordinator. Room 4
Categories: Comic Books | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances
11:30-1:00 The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning- The sea holds many deep secrets for young Princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning, an all new, full-length movie coming exclusively to DVD on August 26. Available for a limited time only, The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning takes audiences back to the story's beginnings with favorite characters from the original film as well as a wonderfully wicked new villainess. With a score that continues The Little Mermaid's legacy of memorable, life-affirming songs, the latest animated adventure from DisneyToon Studios will capture the hearts of all ages! Room 6B
Categories: Animation | Kids
11:30-12:00 Focus Features: Hamlet 2- Focus Features invites you to preview the much talked about hit at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Hamlet 2! Featuring appearances by Steve Coogan (24 Hour Party People, Night at the Museum and the upcoming Tropic Thunder), Elisabeth Shue (Adventures in Babysitting, The Karate Kid), writer Pam Brady (South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Team America: World Police), and writer/director Andrew Fleming (The Craft, Dick). There will be other surprise appearances, so don't miss it! Ballroom 20
Categories: Humor & Satire | Movies

11:30-1:00 Comics Arts Conference Session #14: Postmodernism and Revolution- Keith Haughton (University of Waterloo) explores how the rise in popularity of the comic book form has blurred the boundaries separating childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, and the potential impact of expanding adolescence. Alec Hosterman (Indiana University South Bend) demonstrates the dominance of hyperreality in comic art and explains how it can be utilized for further study of the art form. Harry Althoff, Meredith Heist, and Lisa Miller (Truman State University) take a close look at three factors that make webcomics a revolutionary medium: author-text relationship, hypertextuality, and persistence of noncorporate ownership. Room 30AB
Categories: Comic Arts Conference | Comic Books | Webcomics
11:30-12:30 How to Draw Star Wars for Kids- Special for Kids' Day at Lucasfilm's Bonnie Burton and artist Katie Cook will help kids (and their folks, too) draw Star Wars characters that are fun and whimsical. Bonnie Burton is the author of the book You Can Draw: Star Wars (DK Publishing). Bonnie also works as the Lucas Online senior editor, editing the drawing tutorials and craft projects that can be found at Katie Cook ( has done licensed art for Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Heroes, Lord of the Rings, and other such nerdy things. She often dreams of being a Wookiee, which explains why she could use a haircut. Room 30CDE
Categories: Art and Illustration | Kids | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Seminars & Workshops
11:45-12:45 DC Nation: One Weekend Later- Did you think one DC Nation panel was enough? You thought wrong! So much has happened with the DCU during Comic-Con but right here senior VP-executive editor Dan DiDio saves one last blockbuster announcement for the Nation! This is the panel to be at! Room 6A
Categories: Comic Books
12:00-1:00 Phineas and Ferb- Join creators Dan Povenmire (Family Guy) and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh (Rocko's Modern Life) along with special guests from the show's cast to learn more about Disney Channel's newest smash hit series, including an insider's look at how the show came to life and what's in store for these inventive step-brothers and their tattletale sister in the future. Plus never-before-seen footage, audience Q&A, and a chance to win Phineas and Ferb merchandise! Room 5AB
Categories: Animation | Humor & Satire | Kids | Television
12:00-1:00 The Business of Cartoon Voices- Lots of people think they can do them...but how does one go about making a living as a voiceover actor? Co-hosts Mark Evanier and Earl Kress gather together a panel of agents, casting directors and performers to explain all about agents, casting directors, demos, classes, what to do and (most important) what not to do. If you've ever been interested in a career in the field, this is the panel you've been waiting for. Room 7AB
Categories: Animation | Anime & Manga | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances
12:00-12:45 Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay- Comedy legends Harold, Kumar, and NPH (Kal Penn, John Cho, and Neil Patrick Harris) appear live and in-person ato talk about the creation of their latest masterpiece-Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay-available on DVD on July 29. Don't miss the stars of this cult classic comedy franchise as they talk about their experiences making the films and the plethora of extras features on the DVD including "Dude, Change the Movie!" where the viewer decides what Harold and Kumar do next. Ballroom 20
Categories: Humor & Satire | Movies

12:00-2:00 Browncoats Fan Group- Calling all Browncoats! Fans of Firefly and Serenity are welcome to join the California Browncoats to hear about upcoming events and products that you'll really love. Stop by and listen to some quality storytelling by 'verse-related and 'verse-friendly authors. And last but not least, come to meet and hang out with all the great Browncoats at Comic-Con! Room 24A
Categories: Fandom | Movies | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Television
12:30-1:30 Emily the Strange- What's black and white and strange all over? Emily the Strange comics from Dark Horse! This is your chance to get a behind-the-scenes peek at the world of Emily the Strange. Panelists cover everything from the inspired and slightly insane comic book series, the best-selling books, news from the movie front, and much more! Emily's legal guardian and creative monstermind Rob Reger will be there, along with artists Buzz Parker and Nix Turner, writer Jessica Gruner, Dark Horse editor Shawna Gore, and a two-headed kitty who lives on the moon. (Okay, so no promises on the kitty, but she said she'd try to make it.) Room 2
Categories: Comic Books | Kids | Movies

12:30-2:00 The Secret Origin of Good Readers- The 8th annual Secret Origin of Good Readers panel features Dr. Robyn A. Hill (National University, San Diego), Mimi Cruz (Night Flight Comics, Salt Lake City), Bill Galvan (creator/artist, The Scrapyard Detectives; artist, Archie Comics) and Steven Seagle (creator/writer, Ben 10, It's a Bird, American Virgin). The panelists will discuss how teachers, librarians, retailers, authors, artists, and publishers can work together to bring comic books into the classroom for use as an innovative and motivating cross-curricular teaching tool and a vehicle for promoting reading and literacy. Through a multimedia presentation, personal remarks, and a question-and-answer session, the speakers will present an overview of the medium and highlight specific ways that comic books and graphic novels have been used to engage a variety of learners. Breakout sessions will follow the main presentation. The 70-page resource book The Secret Origin of Good Readers is available for free download it here courtesy of Room 3
Categories: Comic Books
12:30-1:30 Spotlight on Steve Breen- Pulitizer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Steve Breen (San Diego Union Tribune) is part of Comic-Con's special editorial cartoons theme this year. The cartoonist talks about creating topical cartoons, his comic strip, Grand Avenue, and his children's books, Stick and Violet the Pilot, with moderator Bob Kittle. Room 4
Categories: Art and Illustration | Cartooning and Comic Strips | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Writers & Writing
12:30-1:30 Paranormal State- See the stars of the hit A&E series Paranormal State: Ryan Buell, Eilfie Music, Sergey Poberezhny, Heather Taddy, and Katrina Weidman. Be the first to see the Season 2 premiere of Paranormal State, the show that seeks out the truth behind terrifying real life mysteries, hauntings, and ghosts. Hear the cast share behind-the-scenes details not revealed in the show. Moderated by Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio. Room 6CDEF
Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Television

12:30-1:30 Nick Jr. Presents: Backyardigans and Ni Hao, Kai-lan- This is a must-see screening for all you Nick Jr. fans! Catch a brand new episode from the Emmy Award-winning show, Backyardigans. And then sit back for some more Nick Jr. fun with a music and dance filled episode of Ni Hao, Kai-lan. Room 8
Categories: Animation | Kids | Television
12:30-1:30 How to Draw Monsters- Marshall Vandruff will show drawings of monsters by great masters and explain how the way they work has not changed in over 500 years. He'll demonstrate how to come up with ideas for monsters and draw them. Room 30CDE
Categories: Art and Illustration | Kids
1:00-2:30 The Life of Michael Turner Tribute Panel- Celebrate the life and times of acclaimed artist, creator, and Aspen Comics president and founder Michael Turner, as Aspen Comics and a host of popular comic book creators pay special tribute to the creator of the best-selling titles Fathom, Soulfire, and Witchblade, and the cover artist behind the mainstream comic event hits Marvel's Civil War and DC Comics' Identity Crisis and Justice League of America. In honor of Turner's tremendous spirit and body of work, as well as his countless contributions to the comic book industry, Aspen Comics will return the favor by remembering Michael Turner's amazing life both in and outside of comics at this very special tribute event. Room 5AB
Categories: Comic Books
1:00-2:30 Chowder and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack with Underfist Sneak Peek- You've laughed your butt off watching the shows, now meet the creators of Chowder and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack! Chowder creator Carl Greenblat and voice talents Nicky Jones (Chowder), Dwight Schultz (Mung Daal), and Tara Strong (Truffles) join The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack creator Thurop Von Orman, creative director JG Quintell, and writer/voice talent Steve Little for the funniest panel discussion you'll attend all weekend. And that's not all! You'll also get to grill Adam Burton (The Grim Adventure's of Billy and Mandy) on the sneak peek at his twisted new spectacle-Underfist. Room 6A
Categories: Animation | Humor & Satire | Kids | Television
1:00-2:00 Marvel: TV Writers of Marvel- Heroes, Eli Stone, Carnivale, Underworld, and Big Love. You love these shows & films, but did you know the writers behind them are also at Marvel? Find out what's in store for some of TV, movies, and comics' biggest projects from the people behind them with Jeph Loeb (Ultimates), Aron Coleite (Ultimate X-Men), Joe Pokaski (Secret Invasion: Inhumans), Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man), Daniel Knauf (Iron Man), Kevin Grevioux (New Warriors), and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (The Stand)! Room 7AB
Categories: Comic Books | Television | Writers & Writing

1:00-1:30 Friday the 13th- Sneak a peek at the new movie retelling the original Friday the 13th about teenaged summer camp counselors who are systematically slaughtered by a mysterious killer. Ballroom 20
Categories: Horror and Suspense | Movies

1:00-2:30 Comics Arts Conference Session #15: Capes, Tights and Gowns- Travis Langley (ERIICA Project) and Randy Duncan (The Power of Comics) present Henderson State University students reporting on research ranging from studying fan behavior and self-image to the experience of creating their own workday comic book. Danny Fingeroth (Disguised as Clark Kent; Write Now!) provides a response. Student presenters include Erica Ash, Tommy Cash, Carly L. Cate, Mark Head, Nick Langley, Robert O'Nale, Justin Poole, Thomas Sepe, and Nicholas Ward. Room 30AB
Categories: Comic Arts Conference | Comic Books | Fandom
1:15-2:30 Cartoon Voices II- It's another one of those panels where folks who do animation voice work demonstrate their craft and dazzle you with their talents. Co-hosts Mark Evanier and Earl Kress welcome Chris Edgerly (Harvey Birdman, Celebrity Deathmatch), Dee Baker (American Dad, SpongeBob SquarePants), Cheryl Chase (Rugrats, All Grown Up), Katie Leigh (Dungeons & Dragons, Totally Spies!), Billy West (Futurama, Ren & Stimpy) and a few surprises. Room 6B
Categories: Animation | Anime & Manga | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances
1:30-2:30 30 Years of Pointed Ears: Wendy and Richard Pini and Elfquest- Join Wendy Pini (Elfquest, Masque of the Red Death) and Richard Pini (Elfquest, CEO Warp Graphics) for a visual presentation that includes Wendy's pioneering career as writer/artist, colorful stories about publishing Elfquest, current and upcoming projects and, quite possibly, a few surprises. Q&A for sure! Dare to ask anything! Room 2
Categories: Comic Books | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Science Fiction & Fantasy
1:30-2:30 Magic, Mystery, and Missions: Huntik: Secrets & Seekers- This animated TV adventure series will be taking over the airwaves in January 2009! Get a sneak peek at this new show-including footage never shown publicly before-and learn about the heroes, villains, and mythical creatures that make up this exciting story! Plus, while supplies last, each attendee will receive an exclusive Huntik: Secrets & Seekers gift! Room 4
Categories: Animation | Kids | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Television
1:30-2:30 CMX: Manga for the Masses- Manga is one of the hottest areas in literature, and DC Comics' manga imprint, CMX, is right in the thick of it. Hear director of manga Asako Suzuki, CMX editor Jim Chadwick, and the CMX crewdiscuss the brilliance of their manga universe, including such books as Crayon Shinchan, Astral Project, Steel Fist Riku, Dorethea, Go West, Two Flowers for the Dragon, Zombie Fairy, and much, much more! Room 8
Categories: Anime & Manga | Comic Books
1:30-2:30 Rogue Pictures- Rogue Pictures presents select footage, key cast members, and filmmakers from its upcoming 2009 slate. Scheduled appearances include writer/director Wes Craven, discussing his suspense thriller 25/8, and writer/director David Goyer, discussing his supernatural thriller The Unborn. Ballroom 20
Categories: Horror and Suspense | Movies

1:30-2:30 Manga Art for Kids- eigoMANGA's artists behind manga hits Rumble Pak and Sakura Pakk provide beginner step-by-step tutorials and related resources on Japanese comic books and animation to help you learn how to draw and develop your own unique style of anime or manga. Room 30CDE
Categories: Anime & Manga | Art and Illustration | Kids
1:45-2:45 Ghost Whisperer Season Four: The New Spirit Mythology of Melinda- Be on hand for revelations about the mysteries that will unfold in the upcoming season of the hit television series, the introduction of a new cast member Jamie Kennedy, and an exclusive first look at video clips from the season premiere episode. Panel will feature Jennifer Love Hewitt ("Melinda"), Jamie Kennedy ("Eli"-a new series regular cast member in season four), and executive producers Kim Moses, Ian Sander, and PK Simmons. Room 6CDEF
Categories: Horror and Suspense | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Television
2:00-3:00 The Secret Origin of Good Readers Breakouts- This year's Secret Origin of Good Readers program offers an extended opportunity for attendees to learn and network through select breakout sessions following the main presentation. Participants will be able to choose from two intriguing options: "Promoting Tolerance with the Scrapyard Detectives" with Bill Galvan (creator/artist) and Dr. Robyn A. Hill (teacher educator), and "Building Comics & Graphic Novels Collections in Classrooms and Libraries" with Mimi Cruz (Night Flight Comics). Room 3
Categories: Comic Books
2:00-3:30 Starship Smackdown XI- The legendary Comic-Con exclusive celebrates another year of stellar showdowns as the original and infamous Starship Smackdown returns. Ever wonder if the USS Enterprise could take out the ID4 mothership (hint: Kirk's can!)? Can the Galactica find Earth and destroy the Yamato (of course, it's a cartoon)? Can the Serenity outplay, outwit, and outlast the fully functional firepower of an Imperial Super Star Destroyer? You'll find out the answers to all of these questions and many more from the panel of expert spaceship-ologists, including Robert Meyer Burnett (The Hills Run Red producer), Jeff Bond (Geek Monthly editor), Steve Melching (The Clone Wars writer), Daren Dochterman (GI Joe production illustrator), Mary Forest (writer/comedian), and the Jeff Probst of the stars, moderator Mark A. Altman (DOA: Dead Or Alive, Free Enterprise). And it wouldn't be Starship Smackdown without a few surprises, so expect the unexpected. Those in the know, realize the Smackdown is the only way to close out your weekend the San Diego way! Room 7AB
Categories: Animation | Anime & Manga | Fandom | Movies | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Television
2:00-3:00 Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory- Join the filmmakers of the documentary that focuses on Indiana Jones' legacy and the fans that follow him! There will be a Q&A regarding the progress of the documentary as well as a general discussion on all things Indiana Jones, and maybe even a few giveaways! Room 24A
Categories: Fandom | Movies | Science Fiction & Fantasy
2:30-3:30 Sunday Conversation with Dan DiDio- Dan DiDio and friends invite you to join an intimate Sunday afternoon chat to talk about your favorite comic book memories and why we all love this medium. All are welcome; no RSVP required! Room 2
Categories: Comic Books
2:30-4:00 Pro/Fan Trivia Match- The Purple Pros-Len Wein (Wolverine creator), Mark Waid (BOOM! Comics editor-in-chief), Kurt Busiek (Astro City), and Robert N. Skir (animated X-Men)-again take on the Black Ink Irregulars (Tom Galloway, Terence Chua, David Oakes, and John Sardegna), this time seeking to regain their youth by answering questions about young comics characters, those college age or below, including the convention theme Legion of Super-Heroes. This match is dedicated to longtime scorekeeper John Simpson, who passed away last October. Room 4
Categories: Comic Books | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Fandom | Superheroes
2:30-4:00 Cover Story: The Art of the Cover- It's our annual soul-searching question: whether or not you can tell a book by its cover. Moderator Mark Evanier interviews four of the top cover artists in comics (and all Comic-Con 2008 special guests): Jim Starlin (Captain Marvel, Warlock), Bryan Hitch (The Ultimates, Fantastic Four), J.G. Jones (52, Final Crisis), and Ethan Van Sciver (Flash, Green Lantern). Evanier presents examples of each artist's cover work and talks to them about the covers and the process of creating them. It's a fascinating look at what many regard as the most important part of any comic. Room 5AB
Categories: Art and Illustration | Comic Books | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Superheroes
2:30-5:00 Comic-Con 2008 Masquerade Playback- Comic-Con Masquerade director Martin Jaquish reviews Saturday night's big costuming event, answers questions, and presents a big-screen video of the show for those who missed it or who want a second look. (Sorry, we cannot sell copies of the show.) Room 8
Categories: Costuming | Fandom
2:30-3:30 Comics Arts Conference Session #16: The Culture of Popular Things: Ethnographic Examination of Comic-Con- Matthew Smith (The Power of Comics; Wittenberg University) and his students report on their observations of how popular culture is marketed to and practiced by the fans attending Comic-Con. The student presenters include: Jessica Brewer (Wittenberg University), Sara McKinniss (Wittenberg University), Jacob Sigafoos (Wittenberg University), Christian Steinmetz (Georgia State University), Brian Swafford (Ohio University), Emily Elliott (North Carolina State University in Raleigh), and Ally Datz (Lynchburg College). Room 30AB
Categories: Comic Arts Conference | Comic Books | Fandom
2:30-3:30 Making Flipbooks: The ABCs of Animation for Kids- Children's illustrator and cartoonist Mac McCool will show children how to draw their first animation using small flipbooks. McCool will also explain simple animation techniques and present ways to build one's own flipbooks. Suggestion: bring a pencil or pen. Room 30CDE
Categories: Animation | Art and Illustration | Cartooning and Comic Strips | Kids | Seminars & Workshops
2:45-3:45 Sockbaby 4 World Premiere!- The web series that became an American kung-fu cult classic, Sockbaby was budgeted at $300 an episode, yet generates over half a million viewers! Watch original three shorts played back to back, then stay for the world premiere of Sockbaby 4 starring Doug Jones (Hellboy 2, Pan's Labyrinth) and Jon Heder. Panelists include Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory), Dan Heder (animator, Monster House), Rob Schrab (director, Sarah Silverman Show, SCUD creator), Doug TenNapel (writer/director, creator of Earthworm Jim, Creature Tech), and John Soares (co-director, actor, fight choreographer). Room 6A
Categories: Animation | Humor & Satire
2:45-4:15 Fraggle Rock- Help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Fraggle Rock and learn more about this fall's newest DVD release! Join Red-making a personal appearance-as she sneak peeks the DVD special features and some other DVD surprises! Room 6B
Categories: Kids | Television

2:45-3:45 Virgin Comics: Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra: The Spirit of the Superhero- The tradition continues! As Virgin Comics gears up to launch the new animated on-line series MBX, series writer Grant Morrison (New X-Men, Superman, Final Crisis) once again teams with best-selling author and Virgin Comics co-founder Deepak Chopra (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment) to talk...superheroes! Join the ongoing conversation investigating the id, ego, superego, and spirituality of the superhero-we're talking social theory with sound effects, four colors fused with existentialism. Two of the greatest minds of comics and culture talking comics and culture-this is not to be missed! Ballroom 20
Categories: Comic Books | Superheroes | Writers & Writing
3:00-4:30 Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon TV Series 50th Anniversary- Harry Guyton (Milton Caniff Estate), Bob Hoy (Sgt. Charlie Bergeron Steve Canyon), Mrs. Frank Ball (star Dean Frederick's daughter), and John Ellis (Steve Canyon DVD producer) present a discussion of what is quite possibly the most legendary long-lost (and now found) television series in history! Come delve into the mysteries surrounding the most expensive show on TV in 1958. Includes the first public screening of the restored 1959 NBC Steve Canyon episode "Operation Big Thunder" in 48 years. Room 3
Categories: Cartooning and Comic Strips | Fandom | Television
3:30-4:30 Comic-Con Talkback II- It's almost a wrap, but here's your chance to get in your last licks. Join Comic-Con management with your gripes, concerns, and high and low points of this year's event. Room 2
Categories: Talkback
3:30-4:30 Dave Gibbons- He's the artist behind the cult classic Watchmen, one of the writers behind Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War, and the hidden genius behind countless other titles. We're talking about Dave Gibbons. Be front and center when Dave talks about his art, his writing, and his love for comics. Moderated by DC VP-sales Bob Wayne, this program is not to be missed! Room 7AB
Categories: Comic Books | Superheroes

3:30-4:30 Star Wars: Imperial Costuming 101 (Dressing to Serve the Empire!)- This discussion talks about the basics and essentials for an individual to get into costuming in general but is specifically geared toward making costumes that would be eligible for membership in the 501st Legion. Panelists will discuss basic materials, costs, and time factors involved in building costumes of this nature, as well as provide some insight as to what motivates the members of the 501st to invest the time and energy required for such a hobby. They will also demonstrate some basic techniques that are applied in costuming as well as show the progression of donning the costume. Room 30AB
Categories: Costuming | Fandom | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Seminars & Workshops
4:00-5:00 Buffy the Musical- Let's end this show with a bang! The powers that be behind host a screening of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode "Once More With Feeling" as Comic Con 2008's big closing event! Many say this is the finest, funniest, most ingenious episode ever to come out of the Buffy-verse. But remember, the best part of the show is up to you! These eps were made for talkin'-back, that is-and singing and shouting and dancing in the aisles-with or without your dry cleaning! Audience participation: it isn't just for Rocky Horror and mob riots anymore. For more details on the screening visit, then show up for music, singing, and dancing crazy! Ballroom 20
Categories: Fandom | Horror and Suspense | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Television

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