Warner Bros and DC discussing Classic DC Superhero Movies!

by Joey Paur

It was only a matter of time before WB and DC got together to talk about how they can catch up with Marvel in the Comic Book movie business. They have such a huge library of super hero's to choose from! So what have they been discussing? According to Variety:
Warners and sibling DC Comics are holding high-level talks to hammer out a master strategy for their stable of superheroes.

Warners has never had such a strategy, and there have long been complaints the studio has been slow to exploit a potential treasure trove of franchises. And while the studio is basking in critical love for "The Dark Knight," it has watched studio rivals rake in big bucks from Marvel Comics characters, and Marvel itself get into the tentpole business.

It is just crazy that no one at WB or DC got together to discuss something like this a long time ago! They had the power before Marvel did so why didn't they do anything about it before? Is it too late to repent? Will the movies they do be any good? The reinventing of Batman with Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale is the smartest move they ever made. 

Look at everything they have! look at their library and guess what WB has nothing to show us based on the classic DC universe at Comic Con this year. yes they have 'Watchman' which I can't wait to see but thats not really part of the DC Universe that we are talking about here. There are a few scripts floating around though: 
Warner has scripts it likes for "Justice League: Mortal," which teams up classic DC characters, and "Green Lantern." "Justice League" was close to getting a greenlight until the writers strike hit, and "Green Lantern" has gained heat lately.

'Green Lantern' has Greg Berlanti set to write and direct. Other DC movies that have been set to develop are Joel Silvers 'Wonder Woman' which has been in development for a long ass time, 'The Flash' with David Dobkin set to direct and then rumors of 'Auquaman', which in my opinion should never happen. And then their is David Goyer's Green Arrow 'Supermax' movie that I am really looking forward to.

Who knows what will happen to all of these projects after these secret meetings WB and DC take place. They are not talking about anything discussed in the meetings to the outside world, but they have released a statement:
"We're constantly looking at how best to exploit the DC Comics characters and properties."

They would be smart to follow Marvels lead and tie together the DC universe in their movies! Thats what the fans want to see! Marvel has done a great job so far and I am sure they will keep it up. WB and DC really need to care for these superhero properties. And when they start making these movies they better be the same quality or better than what the Dark Knight is going to be. Cheap ass movies like 'Catwoman' won't cut it anymore. Marvel has set the bar for comic book movies anything below that is a crime, who knows 'Batman: Dark Knight' may set a new bar. 

I hope the meetings that they are having pays off for them and the fans. We can only hope the people involved will end up making some smart decisions. I am excited to see what WB and DC will end up doing to bring the classic superheros from DC to life.

-Dr. Venkman

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