Jon Heder's 'Loudermilk' movie movies forward

by Joey Paur

Venkman Here and Jon Heder is at it again! He is once again going to play the same guy he has played in every movie he has been in so far but this time he will have nerdy super powers. ~Sigh~ I don't know. I like Napoleon Dynamite but he has played that same character in every movie it just isn't funny anymore. Jon heder needs to reinvent himself somehow, if he can.  So 'Loudermilk' has been set up to be made over at Rogue Pictures, and Craig Zobel has been set to re-write the screenplay and direct the film.
"Loudermilk" centers on a Napoleon Dynamite-like oddball who becomes contaminated with a substance that gives him what might arguably be considered superpowers. "That blessing does not come without its consequences and costs," Doug Heder said.

Oh brother. Its the Super Dynamite! Doug Heder is Jons Bro. They are producing the film throught their production company Greasy Entertainment. Variety also reports:
" 'Loudermilk' is definitely intended to set the tone for Greasy Entertainment," Doug Heder said. "Our goal has always been to be the low- to midbudget-range comedies. We want to specialize in that field -- obviously tapping into Jon's core audience from 'Napoleon Dynamite' and 'Blades of Glory' but really specializing in those kind of character-driven, less-expensive comedies."

Well, Whatever. I am obviously not excited at all about this movie. It looks like Jon has no intentions of reinventing himself. He will be Napoleon Dynamite the rest of his career. I would hate to get stuck as a type cast. But! He will keep doing it as long as the money keeps rolling in. Maybe I am just in a negative mood. What do you think? Is this a good movie idea or a bad one?