'School of Rock' Sequel ready to Roll!

by Joey Paur

Venkman Here - Paramount Pictures is moving forward with the sequel to School of Rock , which will be called 'School of Rock 2: America Rocks'. And yes everyone is back to work their magic! Jack Black will reprise his role, Richard Linklater who directed the first film will also direct this sequel, and Mike White will write the screenplay. Here is what Variety reports:
Mike White, who penned the 2003 comedy, is writing the screenplay, titled "School of Rock 2: America Rocks," which picks up with Finn leading a group of summer school students on a cross-country field trip that delves into the history of rock 'n' roll and explores the roots of blues, rap, country and other genres.

Sounds like it will be fun and educational. I thought the first film was great! But I really don't feel the need for a second School of Rock film. I am sure I will end up seeing it, but it is nothing I am getting overly excited about. Like any movie that goes into production I hope its good and ends up better than the first one.

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