'Lost Planet' Video Game will go to Big Screen!

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with some cool news! During the E3 Convention it will be announced today that Warner Bros. and Capcom will be taking the Video game 'Lost Planet' to a whole new level of greatness and turn it into a movie! I am a fan of the game which was really fun to play. David Hayter who recently did 'Watchman' will write the screenplay. Here is what Variety reports:
Avi Arad, Ari Arad and Steven Paul will produce through Seaside Entertainment, the shingle they formed to produce fantasy fare.

"Lost Planet," which was released in Japan in late 2006 and North America in early 2007, has sold over 2 million units. A sequel is believed to be in the works.

The vidgame revolves around an expedition to an ice planet that harbors an energy source with the potential to save mankind.

WB will have worldwide distribution rights on "Lost Planet."

Capcom is becoming an increasingly active participant in movie transfers of its vidgame hits. The publisher so far has had "Resident Evil" turned into three films, with a fourth in the works. It is currently partnered with Hyde Park Entertainment on a live action version of its game "Street Fighter" and has a feature version of "Onimusha" at Paramount.

Avi Arad is a name I haven't seen in the news in awhile. If you don't know he use to be The Man over at Marvel. It will be interesting to see how this movie ends up. Hollywood is loving its Video Game and Comic Book adaptations. Why people haven't got there shit together yet to do a Halo movie is ridiculous. One day.

I think a 'Lost planet' Movie could be really kick ass movie if its done right!

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