'Chopper Zombie'!

by Joey Paur

Looks like we got a new Zombie movie coming our way! Chopper Zombie! How can you not like the name? It is a Zombie movie with a story other than mindless dead freaks walking around eating people that arn't Zombies.

The Best part of this is who the executive producer is and why this all makes so much sense! Thom Beers is the Executive producer. He is also creater of of some of Discovery channels most successful shows such as 'Deadliest Catch'. 'Monster Garage', and History channels 'Ice Road Truckers'! This will be Beers first feature film why is he making the movie? Beer says:
"We've been doing series like 'Biker Build-Off' and 'Monster Garage' because I love choppers. My son Max, who's ten, loves zombies. He told me that choppers and zombies go together - so, we gotta do it! Choppers and zombies. Creating a graphic novel and taking it right into a feature is a truly awesome experience, and wait until you see this chopper at Comic-Con."

Hell why not?! if you can do it then do it! So the graphic novel will be revealed at Comic-Con this year! I'll have to check it out. Here is the concept for the film:

A guy who builds and designs Motorcycles creates a new superfuel formula that he refuses to sell to a evil and dangerous corporation. He is jumped by a gang of thugs and they end up drowning him in his own superfuel creation killing him. but not really because he comes back from the dead to settle the score.

So I guess that would classify him as a Zombie, if he comes back from the dead. What ever the film ends up being I'm sure it will be something fun to go see. Check out their website! http://www.chopperzombie.com/

- Dr. Venkman

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