Seth MacFarlane will make 'Family Guy' Movie!

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with some freakin sweet news! Seth MacFarlane wants to start Production on a 'Family Guy' movie soon! Like within the next 12 months! Seth recently talked with TV Weeks Josef Adalian and here is what he says:
"It's time. In the past six months we started talking seriously about it, I have an idea what it's gonna be. It's definitely something you could not do on the show."

I don't even think I can begin to imagine what he has in store for this 'Family Guy' movie! He already does and gets away with disturbingly funny stuff on the TV show! What will he do in the movie!? Good hell! I can't to see what becomes of this!

Watch the interveiw by Clicking Here He also talks about upcoming 'Family Guy' Episodes and about the 'Cleavland' spinoff.