Dr. John Dorian outgrows his Scrubs

by thedude

Thats right, pretend you dont know what I'm talking about. "Dr. John Dorian? Whoever could that be?" I dont know how long it took me to admit to watching Scrubs, my dirty little secret came to light when a friend caught me sneaking episodes on my laptop some time in the middle of a three season binge. I've been out of the Scrubs closet ever since.

Zach Braff announced that he will not be returning to Sacred Heart Hospital for a 9th season, but will move on to pursue other projects, currently "Open Hearts" which he will direct and star in. Season 8 has a mid season kick off next year. According to Producer Bill Lawrence, "The end of the show will be about J.D. leaving the hospital. When you leave, it's about holding on to your relationships."

Don't fret too much, Zach has already left the door open to guest appearances and guest directing spots, that is, if the show can stay afloat without him (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!). ( That, by the way, was my feeble attempt to add super tense cliff hanger music to my otherwise bland writing)

Tear. I do believe a teenage girl text message explative is so in line for this one.......  :(

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